What we're about

For all those who are sick and tired of going at a snails pace when it comes to addressing the most important issues in the world.

If you are serious about helping Scale Up and Speed Up how the world addresses the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development - you simply have to be a participant in this exciting series of meet-ups!

BIGCrowd is a BIG, BOLD and compelling vision, where with the help of people all over the world who are motivated to do good and do well, we plan to find what we call Big Impact Game-changers (BIGs), fund them, and also to provide all the support necessary to give them the best chance at success.

BIGs are those people, projects, ventures, not for profits and policy ideas that have the potential to deliver massive impact on one or more of the SDGs. They can be bold and well developed proposals or existing entities capable of scaling. BIGs will be truly innovative and have joined up thinking (system innovation). This also means there is a good chance they have complexity. In order to get above what Peter Diamandis calls 'The Line of Super Credibility' so they can raise the capital required for success, these Big Impact Game-changers require an amazing team and relentless communications. Yet, an amazing team and relentless communications need to be paid for. This is where the BIGCrowd and the BIGCrowd platform will come in.

The BIGCrowd Meetup is for all who want to know more about this powerful vision, to accelerate many others.

Impact investors wanting to get involved now or in the future.
Potential BIGCrowd subscribers who want to learn more.
It is for Big Impact Game-changers, to see how the BIGCrowd platform will help.
For potential BIGCrowd talent, who can work with us to bring this vision to life.

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