• Tomorrow's Data & Analytics in Retail & Healthcare @ McKinsey & Co. (Room 2104A)

    Current place: 55 East 52nd Street Room #2104 A

    Tomorrow's Healthcare Data & Analytics @ McKinsey & Co. Speakers will include: • Aziz Shaikh, Sr. Digital Expert, Digital McKinsey • Scott Williams, Cloud Data Architect, Microsoft Retail Solutions • Dan Connors, Chief Analytics Officer & Fatima Paruk, Chief Medical Officer, Allscripts The event timeline will be as follows: Networking - 6:00 pm - 6:20 pm Event Kickoff & Welcome, Aziz Shaikh/Rassul Fazelat: Speaker #1 - 6:25 pm Speaker # 2 - 7:05 pm Speaker #3 - 7:45 pm Q & A - 8:20 - 8:40 pm Closing remarks/networking - 8:40 - 9:00pm

  • Artificial Intelligence in Retail

    AOL HQ

    Executive Panel: Ashish Parmar, VP - IT - Global Planning, Operations, and Supply Chain,Coach John Mancuso, Enterprise Cloud Architect, Microsoft Philipp Tsipman, VP Product, MediaMath Michele Tezer, Omnichannel Executive Consultant, LVMH Q & A with Executive panel to follow presentations Cut Once, Measure 3.8 Times: Measuring Digital Marketing in the Cross-Device World Presented by MediaMath VP of Product, Philipp Tsipman (30 min) Outline of the talk: · Digital audiences have changed · User fragmentation breaks traditional digital marketing measurement · Measurement must change for marketers to win, But change is hard · Global technology client · Major U.S. apparel retailer · Measurement must change for marketers to win, But change is hard · What’s next in the XDID space? The Democratization of AI, The Modern Omnichannel Cloud - Presented by Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect - John Mancuso (30 min.) *Understanding Better Their Customer Segmentation *Personalized Offers *Improving Engagement (Digital/Brick & Mortar/Social) in the Omnichannel *Improving Customer Lifetime Value *Building Brand Loyality *Understanding Margin Mix in Real-Time *Improving Market Specific Inventory *Improving Loss Prevention

  • Financial Analytics & Wealth Management, Better Together! - Presented by Birst

    Speaker & Topic Details to Follow Event Timeline: 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm Networking 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm Presentation(s) - Detail Below 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm Networking/Closing Birst will be raffling off a $150 Amazon Gift Card, you have to be present in order to win. Welcome Message and Community Update - Rassul Background on Wealth Management & "Voice" of the Financial Analytics Marketplace - Clive Marshall Birst Technology stack overview and differences with connected BI - Paula Burton Birst Client Business Case - Fund House & Portfolio Analysis - Paula Burton Q & A Closing Remarks

  • Evolution of the Big Data Landscape & Modern Data Architecture (6th floor)

    In this Meetup we will cover the evolution of Big Data and why many are looking at modern data architecture for their future initiatives.

  • Omnichannel Analytics - Evolution of the Retail Customer (Room #2104D)

    55 East 52nd Street Room #2104 D

    Topic: Panel Discussion - Omni-channel Analytics, Evolution of the Retail Customer Detail: Omnichannel retailing uses a variety of channels in a customer's shopping experience including research before a purchase. Such channels include retail stores, online stores, mobile stores, mobile app stores, telephone sales and any other method of transacting with a customer. Transacting includes browsing, buying, returning as well as pre-sale and after-sale service. This event will be a Q & A forum with a panel of local NYC Retail executives on the various trends within Omnichannel and where they see the future of retail. Location: McKinsey & Co - NYC 55 East 52nd Street, McKinsey & Co. 21st Floor (Room #2104D) New York, NY Retail Omnichannel Executive Panelists: Rob McClellan, Omnichannel Executive (former SVP Coach, VP Belk Dept Stores, VP Staples, BoA) Shankar Mishra, Chief Data Scientist former Wyndham Hotels/TheLadders.com Michele Tezer, Omnichannel Executive (Former VP Ralph Lauren, David Yurman, Coach) Dave Phillips, Director, Omnichannel Supply Chain, Toys R US

  • Accelerating the Foundations of a Data Driven Organization

    Accelerating the Foundations of a Data Driven Organization Enterprises and large organizations are under extreme pressure today to compete in a marketplace where competition is stiff, customer relationships – business and consumer are more fluid and technology is moving fast. Companies are looking for a way to better compete, understand their customers, operate more efficiently and change the way they do business. Those who have leveraged their data assets internally and externally are finding great success at enhancing their products, finding new markets and making better decisions. While strategy, leadership and deep thinking are essential to unlock the value of data in enterprises, a robust, flexible and easily adopted platform that takes advantage of modern analytics technologies can catalyze companies, change their cultures and make them into data driven organizations much more quickly than thought possible only years ago. Ariel Amster - Bio Ariel has over twenty years of business development, sales, consulting, product management and business analysis experience in Technology and Finance related businesses and has held various management, consulting and product management positions at companies such as Qubole, First Derivatives,Citi, CheckFree (Fiserv) and march First (USWeb). He is currently the Director of Sales Channels for Qubole, a Big Data company that makes it easy for data scientists and data engineers to manage analytics at scale on the public cloud. Meet Up Discussion - Outline What is a data driven organization? Why is becoming data driven important? Because of the benefits – better decisions, new products, and greater efficiency Becoming data driven is hard – here is why… Quick outline of the steps to becoming a Data Driven Organization Qubole believes that the best way to become data driven is to leverage the cloud Strategy - Defining roadmap – Leveraging the cloud – moving historical data – establishing operational pipelines – mining data The focus of this conversation will be on the execution component:Establishing operational pipelines- ETLMining data – Adhoc & StreamingAnd leveraging a platform for:Self-service analyticsDemocratize informationLeveraging the elasticity of the cloudPay as you use modelBuilding applications on top of a platformAll of these change the behavior and culture of an organization10. Discuss example of how this was done and what it gave each organization:Develop new products - MediaMath – Intelligent QueryGain competitive advantage Accelerate a Data Driven culture - Autodesk - improving decisions and product user experience Q&A

  • The Future of Analytics – Deconstruction and Atomization of the Dashboard

    Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista, SISENSE Head of Product This talk is an open discussion surrounding the pragmatic philosophical nature of the future of Analytics. During the talk we will dive into the impact that the human-centric view the world has on the future of data creation, dissemination and consumption. As part of the talk we will explore several of the paths big data analytics is taking, and especially those following recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Augmented Reality and IoT. At the heart of one of these paths resides the process of deconstruction and atomization of the dashboard. By breaking it down into its basic building blocks or objects (e.g., indicators, widgets, filters) and leveraging these data consumption atoms in new form factors and presentation layers, the enterprise data hero is about to be enhanced into a true omnipotent Data God. Minting Data Gods and Goddesses is at the heart of our pursuit and this discussion.

  • Evolution of Enterprise Search - The Nexus of NLP, ML & Cognitive Computing

    Title: Evolution of Big Data Search & Analytics - The Nexus of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning & Cognitive Computing presented by Xavier Pornain Cognitive computing, semantic technologies and machine learning are fundamentally changing the way that information is located, discovered and utilized by consumers and knowledge workers. These technologies have changed the focus of enterprise search and discovery solutions to become more knowledge and action based, delivering insights, predictions and recommendations to consumers. The value in the unstructured content is unique to each organization, and unlocking it is not a trivial task as many organizations face roadblocks because of a lack of appropriate technology and processes. During this session, discover how Sinequa’s Big Data Search & Analytics platform can tackle these data challenges with existing use cases at AstraZeneca and a large telecom provider.

  • Extending the Yahoo! Streaming Benchmark & Winning Twitter Hack-Week with Flink

    THIS IS A JOINT MEETUP WITH NYC APACHE FLINK MEETUP. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE BOTH FIRST & LAST NAMES ON RSVP AS HOST SECURITY TEAM IS REQUIRING BOTH. ALSO PLEASE RSVP ON NYC APACHE FLINK MEETUP SITE SO WE HAVE ONE CONSOLIDATED LIST HERE (http://www.meetup.com/New-York-City-NYC-Apache-Flink-Meetup/events/228789744/) Extending the Yahoo! Streaming Benchmark & Winning Twitter Hack-Week with Flink Please join us for an exciting evening to learn more about Apache Flink from Jamie Grier who is Director of Applications Engineering at data Artisans. Sponsors: TBD Schedule: 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm : Networking, pizza and drinks 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm : Talk Talk description: In this talk Jamie will be delving further into the recent work he’s done with Apache Flink which resulted in the recent blog post published on February 2nd, 2016: “Extending the Yahoo! Streaming Benchmark and Winning Twitter Hack-Week with Apache Flink” Jamie will go through some comparisons between Storm (and other systems like it) and Flink both in terms of processing guarantees and performance. He’ll also talk about some of the new architectural patterns that can be realized via a modern stateful stream processing system like Flink and what kind of advantages these patterns provide. Bio: Jamie Grier is Director of Applications Engineering at data Artisans where he’s extremely excited to be able to help others realize the potential of Flink in their own projects. His goal is to help others design systems to solve challenging problems in the real world.Jamie has been working in the field of streaming computation for the last decade. This has spanned everything from ultra-high-performance video stream acquisition and processing to social media analytics. Prior to joining data Artisans, Jamie was at Twitter working on rethinking the real-time analytics stack with the goals of making it much more efficient and also capable of computing accurate results in real-time without relying on the “Lambda Architecture” for correctness. Jamie is interested in streaming computation and mechanically sympathetic software architectures. He is particularly interested in building systems that are both high performance and highly scalable and his favorite quote is “You can have a second computer once you’ve shown you know how to use the first one”

  • Accelerating Data Science with Spark and Zeppelin

    Lifion by ADP

    This post is only for announcement purposes PLEASE RSVP FOR THIS EVENT HERE (http://www.meetup.com/NYC-Hortonworks-User-Group/events/228550675/) Overview: We are excited to invite you to the NYC Hortonworks User Group pre-Spark Summit Meetup. Come hear about the latest innovations in Spark and Zeppelin that are accelerating Data Science. We will have great food and drinks to get the creative juices flowing and then we will move into our exciting agenda. Agenda 6:30 - Networking and Food & Drinks 7:00 - Kick-Off 7:10 - Integration of Apache Spark and Apache NiFi Oleg Zhurakousky (https://github.com/olegz), Hortonworks Architect Description: An overview of Apache NiFi and how it can be used to quickly, easily and securely deliver data to an analytic platform like Apache Spark. 7:40 - Multi-user Data Science with Apache Zeppelin Vinay Shukla (https://github.com/vinayshukla), Hortonworks Product Manager Description: A growing community of data scientists are now using Zeppelin. However IT is struggling to support them in a secure fashion. The IT requirements are to provide authentication and authorization so that data scientist don’t step on each other’s work and also IT security requirements are met. We will talk about recent Zeppelin improvements and how security can be configured to provide a secure Zeppelin service. 8:10 - Meet Hortonworks Spark Team: Ask me anything session on Spark and/or Spark in HDP Ram Sriharsha (https://github.com/harsha2010), Hortonworks Architect Vinay Shukla (https://github.com/vinayshukla), Hortonworks Product Manager 8:40 - Questions & Answer 8:50 - Networking we will have Hortonworks staff on hand to answer any questions, there will be a raffle and giveaways. Thanks to our sponsors NYC Storm User Group and Lifion by ADP for providing a venue!