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2nd IBF Biodanza School Maryland/DC-become a facilitator!

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Dear lovers of life!

It is my deep honor to invite you to the 2nd IBF Rolando Toro System Biodanza School in the USA, East Coast School of Biodanza Maryland/DC (ECSB-MD/DC) where we will be offering the Biodanza Personal Development Course/Training Course for the first time.

This course will open spaces for you to fly and reach your potential with all of your glory. Taking the first step into discovery is your first leap into a new life!

Sometimes you reach a point in life where you know you must change. There is something not working and you need the time and space to reflect and a new perspective to make the changes you need. You want a safe space and a supportive environment, but no dogma.You may feel you need to reflect upon life and understand what is truly important for you.

Indeed, Biodanza offers you a process by which you are given the freedom to arrive at your own authentic decisions about all of your questions of life. It’s your life and we invite you to live it your way.

Your full commitment to this in-depth program and your personal development will expand your horizons and set you on a journey of amazing growth. Are you ready for it? :) It will be nothing short of revolutionary in your life!

And who knows where it will take you? Only up! As Rolando Toro, creator of Biodanza said, “Every human being is miraculous and extraordinary with many possibilities in the universe”.

During the course you will find or recover your dreams, your passions, your goals and start to live them anew.

I invite you to come dance your life and shape your desires!

Please email me with your confirmation, YES, I WANT TO TAKE THIS JOURNEY and I will send you more info. Be a pioneer on the east coast USA and join the 2nd school of Biodanza offered in this country!

Contact me ASAP if you are interested and we will get the ball rolling for October!


Michelle Dubreuil Macek
Director of ECSB-MD/DC
East Coast School of Biodanza Maryland/DC

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