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This is for you with a great mind and vision for digital money´s future ... who is seeking to come together with other great minds to meet and discuss and learn from one another all about crypto-currency at the current time and space, and how we shall be influenced by the way the monetary systems are changing around us... The e-money is arriving in Sweden- just around the corner, Sweden is set to be the second country world wide following japan to issue the e-krona that will further cause the devaluation of the fiat currency (the paper money)... Or will it ...?

will other countries follow by minting their own e-monies..? and how would the world monetary policy cope then? would it be easier and simpler for us all than we have it today? How would it affect us world citizens...?

So, Wake up & come join us when you should take a minute out of your busy every day the same life rutin...!

You just might learn something new for a change, Or even teach us something new we already do not know,

Because everything changes when you change ,

Along with the new exchange...




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