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Spirituality is about exploring who I am and how as a spiritual being I can best manage the material world.

靈性是關於探索 “我是誰”, 以及身為一個靈性存有的我, 如何才能最好地治理這個物質世界 。

The Brahma Kumaris philosophy is based on the ancient wisdom of Raja Yoga, which pre-dates religion. The tools to explore and research these teachings are meditation and study and does not involve prayer and ritual. It is open to people of all backgrounds and has often been experienced to enhance one's own practise.

Brahma Kumaris 的哲學理念是以 Rajayoga 的古老智慧為基礎, 它早於宗教形成之前。探索和研究這些教導的方式是透過冥想和學習, 並不涉及禱告和儀式。歡迎所有的人參加, 許多人在練習冥想的過程裡都從 Rajayoga 的體驗中而得到提升 。

If you are a regular meditator or wanting to learn, please connect with us as we will have many programs from workshops to silent meditation sessions - hopefully, one that suits you!

如果您有經常冥想的習慣, 或者是想要學習冥想, 請與我們連繫。我們將會有許多的活動, 包括工作坊、靜默冥想等等… 希望有一個適合您的課程!


Historically, the first mention of meditation is in reference to yoga. Yoga is over 2,500 years old, pre-dating the formation of any religions. The term yoga literally means to connect or join. It describes a unified outlook,serenity of mind,skill in action,and the ability to stay attuned to the self, atma,and to connect to Paramatma, the Soul Beyond.


Established in 1937, the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Mt. Abu, India, is an NGO with general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and is in consultative status with UNICEF. It is also affiliated to the UN Department of Public Information. Free of any religious affiliation and open to people of all backgrounds, affiliated associations have now been established in over 130 countries.

於1937年,Brahma Kumaris 博思世界心靈大學成立,位於印度的阿布山。它是一個非政府組織,也是聯合國經濟社會理事會和聯合國兒童基金會的顧問,及公共信息部門的從屬機構。它不屬於任何宗教,歡迎所有的人參加。現今已在130多個國家建立了附屬協會。

The aim of the Brahma Kumaris is to revive the ancient teachings of raja yoga through: meditation, the cultivation of the mind and yoga, a connection with the Source, understood to be energy, light, cosmic consciousness.

Brahma Kumaris 的目的是透過冥想,即心思和瑜伽的培養,與本源(能量、光、宇宙意識)的連繫,來復興Rajayoga皇道瑜伽的古老教導。

Focusing on the area of human and social values, the Brahma Kumaris bring a particularly ethical and spiritual approach to world concerns. In this spirit, there is no charge for any of its programs.

Brahma Kumaris致力於人類和社會的價值觀,為世界所關注的問題帶來了獨特的道德和心靈方向。本著這種精神,其所有活動都是免費的。

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