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CALLING ALL WOMEN in the West Palm Beach area...
Let’s have a BLAST!

BLAST (Bi, Lesbian and Straight Together) Women of the Palm Beaches is a social and professional networking group for women, ladies, kings, lesbians, bisexual gals, girly-girls, butches, femmes, bois, transwomen, lesbian-feminist womyn, questioning, aces/aros, and gay-friendly straight feminists. Our mission is build the local women's community, share resources, and make it easy for members to set up events by, for, and about women in Palm Beach County. Note: Mostly Gen X and Baby Boomers, but we have members ranging from Millennials to Greatest Generation. All ages welcomed with open arms.

ANTI-RACISM & #SAYHERNAME ... Workshops, discussions, speakers, trainings, films, and events

AQUABABES ... Snorkeling, biking, kayaking, beach parties, paddleboarding, Peanut Island, etc.

BLAST BABES GOT GAME ... Board games, Hearts (cards), craps, roulette, and more.

BLAST BOOKWORMS ... Read books by women, discuss, exchange ideas. (Needs a leader.)

BLAST GIVES BACK ... Community service volunteering

CIGAR LOUNGE LIZARDS ... Beginners/curious nonsmokers welcome

CONCERTS & THEATER PRODUCTIONS ... Lesbian & feminist entertainment

DANCE CLASSES ... Taught by Grace Greenberg. Swing, Hustle, Merengue, Salsa, Tango, line dances.

DRUMMING ... Monthly lessons and occasional women-only drum circles

HAPPY HOURS ... Late-week gatherings to kick back, explore new places, and enjoy each other's company

HOWL (Hanging Out With Lesbians) ... Laid-back socializing

LEAPING LESBIANS ... Tandem skydiving - beginners welcome

MOVIE NIGHTS ... Film screenings followed by discussions

MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS ... Jorjet Harper Presents (series); Art History With Harriet (series)

PAGAN CIRCLE ... Come out of the broom closet. For pagans, Wiccans, and all Earth-based spiritualities

POLITICAL NETWORKING ... with NOW, League of Women Voters, etc.

QUEENS RULE POKER CLUB ... Low-stakes games and free lessons - beginners welcome

SCIENCE GALS ... Share excitement and info about STEM topics (science, technology, engineering, medicine)

SOARING: INSPIRATION & SUCCESS GROUP ... Monthly women's structured discussion

WOMEN OF ALL CULTURES TOGETHER (WACT) ... (1) Potlucks in various neighborhoods; women and food, how far wrong can we go? ... (2) Discussions regarding race, culture, religion, civil disobedience, etc.

TO SEE ALL BLAST EVENTS: http://www.meetup.com/BLASTwpb/events/calen... (http://www.meetup.com/BLASTwpb/events/calendar/)

Upcoming events (5+)

Soaring Success & Inspiration Event: Annie's Party

Inspiration! Success! Let's take action! TONIGHT'S PROGRAM Rather than a discussion, tonight's gathering is dedicated to hearing Carey tell us about her beloved Annie and share some treasured memories. Then we'll help Carey go through some of Annie's things and decide what to keep and what she's ready to send on to other good homes. As appropriate, we will take items to be donated with us when we leave. TIME The group has unstructured socialization from 6:30-7:00. The structured activity begins at 7pm sharp and we do our best to be wrapping it up at 8:30pm. COST: Free WHAT TO BRING • Plastic bags or boxes of various sizes • Respectful listening skills and willingness to be supportive • Whatever you want to drink PARTICIPANTS AGREE TO... • Come to the group unimpaired • Silence all cell phones and no texting • Listen without interrupting each other • Go for understanding rather than judgment • Respect confidentiality • Make no assumptions about the sexual orientation of others AGE High school and up. Mature topics are sometimes discussed. PETS Two cats, Max and Quincy, live here WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBILITY Accessible location IMPORTANT! GUEST LIST - ALL DRIVERS MUST HAVE ID! • This is a gated community. • All drivers must have ID that matches Carey's guest list - this must be given to Carey at least an hour before you arrive. • If your BLAST name does NOT match what's on your ID, please call Carey at (561)[masked] or (561)[masked] or [masked]. DIRECTIONS from I-95 Woolbright Rd. exit in Boynton West on Woolbright (past Congress and Military) One mile past Military Trail is Majestic Isles community Between Jog Road and Military on the North Side of Woolbright Stop at the guard gate with your ID After entering, right at the first stop sign Proceed to 10732 Royal Caribbean Cir., Boynton Beach, Fl 33437 House numbers are above each garage door Carey is on the right PARKING PLEASE CARPOOL IF YOU CAN! Four cars can get into Carey's driveway - others must park on the side of the street designated by a sign. Please don't block anyone's driveway or mailbox. MORE ABOUT THIS LOCATION Contact Carey: (561)[masked] or (561)[masked] or [masked] MORE ABOUT THIS DISCUSSION GROUP Contact Sonya: [masked] -[masked] MORE ABOUT BLAST Contact Toni Jr.: [masked] Or text to Janis at[masked] PLEASE TAKE OUR QUICK, ANONYMOUS POLLS http://www.meetup.com/BLASTwpb/polls/

BLAST Halloween movie: US

Janis's Home Movie Theater

Happy Halloween weekend! Let's kick back and watch a movie together on Singer Island tonight. We'll socialize starting at 7 and begin the film at 7:30 sharp. SYNOPSIS US is a psychological horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele (Get Out), starring Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke (both from Black Panther), Shahadi Wright Joseph, Elisabeth Moss, Evan Alex, and Tim Heidecker. The film begins back in 1986 with a young girl and her parents wandering through the Santa Cruz boardwalk at night. She separates from them, and has a terrifying experience. The movie shifts to the present day, with Janelle Monae on the radio as the Wilson family is heading towards their vacation home. The little girl has now grown up to be a woman, Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o), justifiably nervous about returning to that spot on the Santa Cruz beach. Her husband thinks her reaction is overblown, but he tries to make her feel at ease so they can take their kids to the beach and meet up with two old friends and their twin daughters. Oscar-worthy performance by Lupita Nyong'o!!!! Can't say any more without including spoilers. Advice: Do NOT read up on this movie in advance. (2019 release. 121 minutes.) COST: Free WHAT TO BRING • Whatever you want to drink • Fun movie snacks or food to share KIDS This is a family-friendly film PETS None live here WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBILITY First floor, no stairs. Small bathroom with narrow door. DIRECTIONS from I-95 Blue Heron exit 76 Go east about 3 miles Pass US-1 (Broadway) Go over the big Blue Heron bridge Pass Phil Foster, Lake, and West Turn left at Park (PNC Bank on corner) Park Ave. deadends into our Sugar Sands village Look to the left for building 1201 Come to unit #6 downstairs PARKING • Please carpool if you can! • Sugar Sands is not a gated community. • Please park in spot G or Guest (1201 parking lot) - or in the cul-de-sac just down the street. We are trying to minimize traffic jams at the front curb. Our elderly neighbors thank you! QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS EVENT, LOCATION, or BLAST? Toni Jr: [masked] - or text to Janis: (561)[masked] PLEASE TAKE OUR QUICK, ANONYMOUS POLLS http://www.meetup.com/BLASTwpb/polls

Halloween Party: Horns & Halos at Penny's Bar

Penny's at the Duke

Penny's Bar hosts a Horns & Halos Halloween costume party! Late-night fun from 8pm to 2am. WHAT TO EXPECT • $100 bar tabs for best costumes • Dj Wil Mello spinning all night • Specials on Halloween shots & specialty drinks • Drinkers: Please have a designated driver • NOTE: This is a freewheeling party hosted by Penny and the bar, rather than an event that BLAST is structuring and running. Come ready to mingle and have fun! COST Free - no cover charge. Bring $$ for drinks and tips. DIRECTIONS FROM I-95 Exit 63 – 6th Ave. South... or .... Exit 61 - Lantana Road East to US-1 - Look for big "C" LIQUORS sign Look for awning behind C LIQUORS at 902 N. Dixie Hwy. PARKING Lots of free parking in the large liquor-store lot to the north. IMPORTANT: Do not park in any spaces that are labeled C LIQUORS. Carpool if you can. WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBILITY First floor, ADA compliant. GROUP COSTUME in PHOTO ABOVE Addams and Munsters families, from a previous BLAST party. Top left: Susan the Traveller as Herman Munster, Judy Ireland as Morticia Addams, Davilyn Whims as Cousin Itt, Jenny McC as Lurch, Janis Kidder as Gomez Addams, Kelly Tungland as Uncle Fester, Margaret Montague as Eddie Munster; Green Eggs & Ann as Pugsley Addams, Toni Jr. as Grandpa Munster, Mary Galvin as Wednesday Addams, Cheryl Sarkozy as Grandmama Addams. FOR MORE ABOUT THIS LOCATION Bar owner Penny: text or call (561)[masked]... On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pennysattheduke/ FOR MORE ABOUT BLAST Toni Jr.: [masked] PLEASE TAKE OUR QUICK, ANONYMOUS POLLS http://www.meetup.com/BLASTwpb/polls

BLAST Pickleball Fun Tournament

Lake Lytal Park

First time Social BLAST pickleball round robin tournament for BLAST members only. TEAMS & PRIZE Doubles only, 3 or 4 teams per division as follows (2 players per team): (Using USAPA ratings if you have one otherwise, by honor system.) If you have substitutes for your team due to injuries or you can't play that many games medal will go to who played the most games or the team will agree on who receives the medal. Two medals for first place only for each division. Subs rule is intended for beginners. Advanced Division: USAPA Rating 4.5-5+ Teams will play to 15 points win by 2 Intermediate Division: USAPA Rating[masked] Teams will play to 13 points win by 2 Beginner Division: USAPA Rating 1-3.0 Teams will play to 11 points win by 2 Cheryl will reserve the right to move players and teams around to make this work. The above is just a starting guideline so experienced BLAST players could wind up as advanced since we know we have a lot of novice or beginner players. IMPORTANT Under question asked in this event put your team name and also all full names of your players. Text Cheryl your team captain name and phone number in case she has questions. First come/first served on team sign up ... waiting list will be put together in case we're able to add more or other divisions are less will try to increase - but, no guarantee. COURTS 6 courts at Lake Lytal, and can't be reserved, so hope we get them all. BRACKETS Will be set up once Cheryl sees how many teams. She's closing this out 3 days before the Sunday date. We will start at 11:30am. SCORING There will be a score sheet that will need to be signed after your game with the score by both teams agreeing. Overall win will go by wins and losses; if tied then overall score for all games then by coin flip. Home team will be indicated on the brackets and home team will serve first. If you played on that court and your next game is on that same court you will need to switch sides. EQUIPMENT/REFRESHMENTS Must have your own equipment and balls. Each team that is going to play each other must bring balls and then you all agree on which you want to use to play against each other with. Let's have fun and not make this complicated! If you don't know the rules then just agree on the play as we won't have judges. :) WHAT TO BRING • Bring chairs and tents, if you have. • Drinks and food. (No refreshment concession there.) • Water DIRECTIONS TO LAKE LYTAL • Coming from the north take I-95 exit Southern Blvd. Take Congress exit and turn right onto Gun Club Road. Across from the PBC jail. • Coming from the South same directions unless you want to divert off of Forest Hill. Take the entrance for tennis courts and pool. PARKING: Free in large parking lot. FOR MORE DETAILS: Cheryl: (561)[masked] Email: [masked] TAKE OUR QUICK, ANONYMOUS POLLS: http://www.meetup.com/BLASTwpb/polls

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BLAST Bowling Tournament 2019

Greenacres Bowl

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