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    Joined Apr 15, 2015
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    Having a blast developing friendships and discovering activities I enjoy. There is a new freedom. Thank you all for being so welcoming and kind.
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    Joined Jul 30, 2014
    I am a business owner and artist. I love to be with smart, fun women who think outside the lines.
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    My name is Paulette. I serve as the Assistant Organizer for our BLAST Social Justice Group. In my fight for inclusion, fairness and justice, I was a Democratic candidate for the Fl House of Representatives, District 92. I remain engaged in politics.
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    Been in south florida since 1980. Have many interests and always great to do them with others. Very athletically oriented. Profession: CPA, CFP.
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    BLAST is wonderful. I enjoy meeting interesting women and participating in stimulating discussions. I love sharing in diverse activities, interests, and ideas. I value being connected to a strong feminist and anti-racist community again!
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    Namaste I'm a student in numerous aspects of the word concerned with women and gender studies. I've traveled and lived quite a few places. Looking to find a social circle of LGBTQ women in the area
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    I just relocated to the Lake Worth/West Palm Beach area from New York City and am looking to meet new friends! I recently retired as an elementary school social worker. I enjoy being outdoors and am also planning to work on Obama's 2012 campaign.
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    Hi, I moved to Delray Beach from Key West. I am a lesbian feminist and am interested in meeting like-minded women in the area.
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    A sunflower that knows and therefore, Is. | http://about.me/sonyathesunflower
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    I love building community with other lesbians, and with women in general. I look forward to meeting everyone.
  • Assistant organizer, Poker Club founder & Empty Closet Productions box office
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    I want a place for women to meet - enjoy a variety of fun and entertaining things to do.
  • Organizer, BLAST Founder and Special Events Producer
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    Hello! I enjoy socializing with open-minded, fun women, both in small special-interest groups and at larger activities. It's great that we're building a strong women's community as we organize events within Palm Beach County.