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Experimenting with our monthly Wednesday night and exchanging the red for green, we're headed to the elaborately and elegantly decorated Emerald Lounge. An eccentric environment with an edge, everywhere inside is eerily lit in an "easterly" green, if you catch my meaning.

You are emphatically encouraged to enter and explore the eloquently engineered establishment and engaging ebulliently with everyone is expected. Effortless, enjoyable conversation and energetic dancing are in store for us. Excepting excruciating circumstances, eliminate your erroneous emotions and expedite yourself to our exasperating Emerald Erotic event.


There is a strict dress code for Emerald Lounge. Please make sure you follow their dress code:

Emerald Lounge encourages trendy fashionable dress. After 9pm, business casual will be used as the minimum attire guideline. For specific criteria, see below:

Ladies: High Heel shoes are preferred. Dresses, skirts, designer jeans and blouses are acceptable.

Gentleman: Suits, Collared shirts, slacks, designer jeans, designer shoes, are all acceptable.

• Men’s shirts must have a collar.
• Men’s shirts do not have to be worn tucked in; however, the appearance must be fashionable and in good taste.

Not acceptable:

• No holes or tears in clothing are allowed.
• Men’s Tank tops, T-shirts and sports jerseys/attire/shoes are not allowed.
• No athletic wear of any type is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to sneakers, sweat suits, head-bands, doo-rags, etc.
• Shower shoes are not allowed.
• No baggy and/or torn jeans.
• No hats.
• No explicit wording or obscene gestures may be worn on clothing.
• No large handbags or backpacks are allowed.
• Work boots are not allowed; this includes black or tan military boots, steel toe boots, etc.
• No winter or trenched coats allowed.

*Management reserves all rights and the right to refuse admittance to any guest, so come prepared!


If you absolutely have to drive in, your best bet is to park at the Boston Common Garage ( (see map). It's $12, cheaper there than the parking garage at Emerald Lounge/Revere Hotel, which is $20. Otherwise I recommend parking along the T (like Wellington Station, for example) and taking the T in.


Emerald Lounge is within walking distance of several T stops, including the Boylston and Arlington stops on the Green Line, and the Chinatown and Tufts Medical Center stops on the Orange Line.

Cover Charge?

There is no cover for this event!



You need to enter the lounge through the hotel. If you are coming in from the street, enter the hotel on the left side (as seen in the photo above) and take the elevator up one floor to the Mezzanine level. You'll see the door to Emerald right there.

If you happened to park in the garage, again, take the elevator up to the mezzanine level.

Once you come inside, we're in the Private Events / Upper Level area.

So there you have it! Come out to the new event, I'm looking forward to it!