Presidents Ride Part 1


If you like history and riding, then this ride is for you.

Virginia is rich in history starting from our Colonial beginnings, war for independence, Civil War to present day. Did you also know that eight presidents were born in Virginia; three just East of Fredericksburg, two SE of Richmond and three in the vicinity of Charlottesville.

Below is the list of Presidents and their birthplaces grouped into two parts. Part 1 is April 18 and Part 2 is May 16.

Part 1
James Monroe 4460 James Monroe Hwy, Colonial Beach
George Washington 1732 Popes Head Rd, Colonial Beach
Robert E. Lee, Stratford Hall (added to this ride)
James Madison 17200 James Madison Pkw

Proceed to Mortons Open House

John Tyler 10920 John Tyler Memorial Hwy, Charles City County
William Henry Harrison 12602 Harrison Landing Rd, Charles City County
Last year the riders opted to skip the ride to Tyler and Harrison due to time constraints. Riding to Tyler and Harrison is an option instead of proceeding to Mortons Open House.

Part 2
Woodrow Wilson 20 N Coalter St, Staunton
Thomas Jefferson 2450 Richmond Rd, Charlottesville
Zachary Taylor 7350 Spotswood Trail, Barboursville

The planned routes will primarily stay off the interstates as much as possible and take scenic back roads.

Each day would be a full day of riding to include breaks and photo ops. Some of the sites are now private residences and/or only a historical marker.

A later post(s) will include mileage and a route list.