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Paceline Fundamentals Practice

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This is designed to be a training/learning workout drill with the goal being working together, learning smoothness, handling skills, hand signals. If like skilled riders work together instead of trying to drop one another it will be more fun and less intimidating.

I foresee at least 2 groups participating, possibly as outlined below.

A: 19-20mph on the HEADWIND side (holding our speed to 22mph on the Tailwind side)

B: 17-18mph on the HEADWIND side (holding our speed to 21mph on the Tailwind side)

Showing up early will allow you a chance to warm up as hear some technique pointers as well as how we will conduct the paceline.

Please resist the temptation to keep up with the MUCH FASTER groups and ending up burning out quickly.

If you are looking for more of a TRUE CRIT practice please show up here on Tuesday's @ 7pm to ride with SC Velo...They will humble you REAL QUICK!!

Because of the nature of what this community has become it IS NOT INDICATIVE of all other BoBie rides , so PLEASE do not judge our group rides by what you experience on Thursday evening's "Paceline".

Rain cancels the ride.

Helmets are mandatory on all BOBIE rides. Bring hydration, spare tube, nutrition and appropriate clothing to be comfortable during the entire ride. (The weather can and will change during the ride.)

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