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CALLING ALL BOOMERS IN THE ANN ARBOR AREA FOR REVELS! Revel definition: to enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way! Boomer definition: anyone born between 1946-1964! Let's slip away from staring at pixels and come face to face to enjoy living out loud. Boomer guys, gals, married or single welcome. We'll revel in new friends, new connections and new experiences. Plan on being entertained with what A2 has to offer: dine, drink, dance and be merry (as the Heidelberg downtown advertises.) There will be merriment at restaurants, plays, movies, the comedy club, the bar, the dance floor, happy hours, card playing, museums, wine tastings, summer walks/kayaking/biking, concerts, A2 Art Fair, local or international travel , Spanish culture/language or in home potlucks.

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That said...there are some rules.

Please post a close up photo of your face when you request to be a member!

If you respond "yes" for an event please show up on time. If you change your mind please change your RSVP to "no" so the event host is not waiting and watching for you.

If you respond "yes" and the event fills, you will move to the "wait list"...but if you change your mind...please change your response to "no". The wait list moves up automatically when someone drops out. So pay attention to the wait list and your email.

If you "no show" 3 times without a good excuse to the event host or to me you will risk being removed from the meetup.

You will have a 90 day trial period for free. Near the end of that 90 days you will receive an automatic prompt to pay the $6.00 yearly dues on line by credit card. This will be the only way to pay your required dues. If you do not pay dues the meetup site will assume you do not want to be a member and automatically remove you.

After those stern admonitions we DO hope to see you at an event! You make the meetup!!

Upcoming events (5)

Morgan and York (York) light dinner and drinks, Tuesday this time

Let's meetup outside in the YARD beside Morgan and York on Packard for a light dinner and drinks at 630pm. We can order inside but we are required to eat outside. Please wear masks. We can sit 6 to a table, tables 6 feet apart. Masks on when not eating/drinking. Meetup will be canceled if raining. They close at 9pm.

Here is their menu:

Look for Kathy with long brown hair and gold scarf.

Holiday's Restaurant - with Outdoor Seating

Holiday's Restaurant

I will make reservations for TWO tables if we have more than SIX people RSVP for this breakfast. We can "float" between tables if we want. Ask for Randy's tables.

MICHIGAN currently limits restaurant dining to SIX people per table. I am setting this RVSP limit at 12 people. I will make reservations for TWO tables to accommodate up to 12 of us as long as Michigan has this SIX people per table limit.

Now that many of us have been vaccinated, come join us at Holiday's Restaurant for an outdoor (or indoor) breakfast. This location has lots of outdoor seating with lots of isolated tables, plenty of fresh air, and great food.

Ask for Randy's table.

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Michigan Theater

Michigan Theater

Let’s do the time warp again!
$8.50 senior ticket


Let’s hike the Arb & see the Peonies

Nichols Arboretum, Peony Garden

The peonies are ready to bloom so there’s a good chance we can see them open this weekend.
A 4 mile hike through the trails included. Weather permitting!
Optional outside coffee and a bite at Angelo’s following

Past events (1,452)

Dinner at Dalat Vietnamese Restaurant

2216 S Main St

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