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The Business of Parenting

The Business of Parenting is a supportive community aims to help all of our members find the balance and realise the similarities in their business life and family life.

This is a group that supports parents, the trials and tribulations of relationships within the family world and in the business world. Blended families, single parent families, families. We have discovered that what you do in business overlaps and can help you with your family. I have discovered that if you can negotiate with a toddler then you will have no trouble with your new pay rise or if you can close a sale then you can close on your kid that plays Fortnite with no attitude.

Come and hear how to navigate your journey, those in blended families, original families and everything in between along with your business journey. You are not alone and our community.

We get together once a month and share our experiences and ideas and the strategies that have worked. Realise that you can have it all and make the one life you have worth it. Working together only makes us all stronger. Be the change you want to see in the world and watch what happens when others follow.

Gain specialised knowledge whilst encouraging, supporting and inspiring each other to grow not only our business but our families as well.

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