• BOSNOG Beerworks

    61 Brookline Ave

    Since we have struggled at getting BOSNOG meetups going, Cumulus Networks offered to have us go hang out at Beerworks for some brews and casual talks. They will have some local tech experts on hand to chat with anyone interested in cloud infrastructure open networking. This is a simple drop in event any time after 6pm, strictly just a social hour, not vendor pitch. It will be good to get everyone together again and socialize.

  • November NAC Stack Talk

    Athena Health

    We'll hear from a few local industry experts on the war stories, design considerations and best practices of NAC (Network Admission Control / 802.1x ) deployments. Each lightning talk will feature different point of views and vendors. After the talks, we'll host a Q/A panel with questions from our audience. Please come with some questions! Feel free to enter them in the RSVP or post on the meetup page.

    Talks and Q/A panel will be done by: Kyeyeon Kim, Andy Richter, Josh Trivilino

    Food and drinks provided by Omada Technologies

    Venue provided by Athena Health

  • Modern Data Center Design Roundtable


    Join us for an evening of data center design. Pete Lumbis from Cumulus Networks will lead an open discussion covering building and scaling Clos (Spine and Leaf) networks, creating availability zones, when to use 1RU or chassis-based switches and ways to scale beyond 32 racks in a pod. We'll also cover Layer 2 vs Layer 3 designs and ways to use VxLAN for both Layer 2 extension and for multi-tenancy. We'll talk about different VxLAN deployment scenarios for both hardware switches as well as server-based VxLAN deployments. This will be a highly technical conversation, so come with questions and be ready to learn.

    Food and Drinks will be provided by Cumulus Networks!

    About Pete:
    Pete is CCIE #28677 and CCDE 2012::3. Currently he is a technical marketing engineer at Cumulus Networks where he focuses on building and designing next generation whitebox datacenter networks with an eye on automation. Before Cumulus Pete was a global escalation engineer for routing protocols in the Cisco TAC supporting Layer 3 protcools, MPLS and multicast for Cisco's global customer base.

    Please use Summer St. entrance to South Station. Rakuten entrance is located under number “2” sign. Dial “1” on the number pad to be buzzed in. Go to the 4th Floor.

  • BOSNOG Meeting & IX Peering Forum

    Microsoft NERD (New England Research and Development)

    Join us for a joint event! On June 2, 2017 there will be a forum for Internet exchanges in the area to chat about connectivity and network traffic patterns in the New England area. We'll also have a BOSNOG presentation, details TBD.

    This will be an all-day event, but you don't have to be there the entire day. Come after hours and join us if that's all your schedule will allow. After 5pm, there will be time for food, drink and interpersonal networking.

    This is a great opportunity to connect with your fellow networkers in the greater Boston area, so save the date!

    Space is limited to ~120, and we're expecting a record turnout for this event. You need to reserve your spot through EventBrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bosnog-and-new-england-internet-peering-forum-tickets-33583093938). Cost is $25. All ticket sales go to support the event, and any excess funds will be donated to a worthy non-profit cause to be announced.

  • Evolution of the Design Mindset


    Topic Summary:

    Technology is changing, and what we care about from a design perspective should be modified to address the requirements that come with the new role technology has within the business world. We will discuss design mindsets, the CCDE exam at a high level, and my personal experiences in these areas and more.

    Food and Drink will be provided by Wayfair!!


    Michael "Zig" Zsiga II, CCDE™ 2016::32, CCIE™ #44883 has been in the networking industry a little over 15 years. He is currently a Lead Technical Architect at ePlus in the New England region of the United States. Zig holds an active CCDE and two CCIE certifications, one in Routing and Switching and the second in Service Provider. Zig also holds a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from Park University. Zig is a father, a husband, a United States Marine, a gamer, a nerd, a geek and a big soccer fan. Zig loves all technology and can usually be found in the lab learning and teaching others. Zig is a co-organizer of The Boston Network Operators Group (www.bosnog.org), runs multiple CCIE Study groups, and is a newly published author. Zig lives in New Hampshire, USA with his wife, Julie and their son Gunnar.


    Once you are in the mall, please take the elevators near Williams Sonoma to the “sky lobby” level to check in at the security desk then proceed to the 7th floor of Tower 4.

    Please make sure you bring a valid photo ID for security.

  • If the Internet is broken, how do we fix it?

    128 Technology

    This week, BOSNOG is meeting at 128 Technology. 128 Technology recently emerged from stealth with the not-so-subtle intent of fixing the Internet.

    Didn't know the Internet was broken? Well, it is depending on your use cases for Internet-as-WAN transport. 128 Technology has an unique over-the-top routing solution to handle specific forwarding requirements, flow authentication, and data encryption.

    They've promised us a tech talk aimed at engineers, along with food and beverages. Bring your appetite, your very nerdiest questions, and your ideas for our next BOSNOG meetup.

    Plan to be there around 6:30p. The talk will start around 7p.

  • EVPN: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the BGP

    Cisco Boston Office

    We will be having our May meetup at the Cisco office with food and beverages sponsored by Cumulus Networks (http://cumulusnetworks.com/). Clay Haynes from Nexum, Inc (http://www.nexuminc.com/)will be speaking on EVPN!


    As more and more enterprises begin to develop multiple datacenter deployments for their enterprises, new technologies have come along to solve many common problems with basic network connectivity between datacenters. This presentation describes Ethernet VPN, a new and open standard to forward Layer-2 information between Layer-3 segments. This presentation will describe and demonstrate Ethernet VPN deployments via MPLS extensions as well as integrating with VXLAN deployments for virtualized infrastructures.

    Clay is a Senior Network Engineer at Nexum, Inc. He has 10+ years of experience in server, networking, and security environments. Clay has earned the prestigious JNCIE-ENT and JNCIE-SEC certifications, and has been a big proponent in datacenter interconnect technology.

  • Come hear about TripAdvisor's network in our 1st member sponsored meet up

    TripAdvisor network overview and operational experience
    Jay Benesh will present an overview of our global network, with several Data Centers in the US and Europe forming the backbone and many offices around the world joining in a hub-and-spoke architecture. We will also discuss what we did over time to make our network more performant and resilient. This was done to improve corporate services such as video conferencing, overall stability and optimize reliable communication with our key partners for production operations.

    TripAdvisor HQ network and infrastructure
    Eric Hinton and Eric Hnat will share our design and implementation of this building’s network and infrastructure, we spent several months last year to put this together with great pride. We took the lessons we learned from operating large-scale production datacenters and applied them to our HQ. We will do a tour of our datacenter so you can see the results of that build and how we have scaled the system for growth.

  • SDN - How Does Today's Network Team Stay Relevant in Tomorrow's Data Center?

    Microsoft NERD (New England Research and Development)

    This month we'll be joined by Dave Husak, the founder of Plexxi as he talks about the evolving role of network admins with the SDN trend.

    Scale means something different to every environment and to those who manage them as well. In the future of networking, what we really want to scale is the network operator's impact outside of the primary, traditional networking role. Once networking can be refined under an API that you and users implicitly understand, think about how much more impactful and reliable it will be. This is about refining and abstracting what your network does in relation to how it does it. Does this mean that CCIE’s are irrelevant? Quite the contrary: you become much more valuable, as you can do more and apply systems that you’ve built for multiple applications. The next generation of networking is here; are you ready?

    Join Plexxi's Founder, Dave Husak, as he guides an interactive discussion around the future of cloud environments, abstraction of the network, and brings order to the chaos of SDN.

    Doors will open at 6:30

    Dave will speak around 7:00.

    We will provide food and beverages


    For February we are looking for volunteers to speak about some real world deployments, things they are working on or challenges they've had recently that would be worth discussing with the group. A more social hour. If you're interested, please drop us a line!



    • DON'T FORGET - for security reasons, the NERD center requires attendees to show a government issued photo ID in order to gain access into the building.

    • The NERD is near the Kendall Square red line stop. It's not the building directly above the T, but next to the Longfellow bridge.

    • Parking: Best option for parking is the NERD center parking garage which charges a flat rate after 4pm.

  • SDN Software / Open Switching Hardware: A Tour Of Five Recent Deployments

    Microsoft NERD (New England Research and Development)

    Kyle Forster, Big Switch Founder, will talk through five recent deployments of SDN Software and Open Switching Hardware in both large and small data centers. He will discuss insights taken from Google's Project Andromeda and Microsoft's Project DeMON, and how those have influenced the industry's expectations in both networking hardware and software.

    On a more personal front, the expertise expected of successful "data center SDN experts" are broadening as data center SDN and Cloud/IaaS technologies have become increasingly intertwined. Kyle will share his perspectives on what is working, and not working, for individuals and teams that have gone through the deployment process.

    A few sample deployments for discussion:

    • SDN and Open HW at large scale: a tier-1 NFV Cloud

    • SDN and Open HW at large scale: a high security IaaS cloud

    • SDN and Open HW at mid scale: a VDI cloud-SDN and Open HW at small scale: an emerging public cloud

    • SDN and Open HW before and beyond switching: tapping every rack in Redmond

    Doors open at 6:30.

    Kyle will speak at 7:00.

    After the talk there will be time for open discussion and socializing.

    Pizza and refreshments will be provided.


    • DON'T FORGET - for security reasons, the NERD center requires attendees to show a government issued photo ID in order to gain access into the building.

    • The NERD is near the Kendall Square red line stop. It's not the building directly above the T, but next to the Longfellow bridge.

    • Parking: Best option for parking is the NERD center parking garage which charges a flat rate after 4pm.

    About the Speaker:

    Kyle Forster is the founder of Big Switch Networks, and at different times has led the Product, Marketing, Business Development and Sales organizations. As company founder, he has raised over $50m in venture capital and recruited the company's management team and CEO. He led the initial product design efforts, and later recruited the company's first end user design partners, leading to the first $5m in revenue.Kyle led the marketing team through a brand re-build in 2014,culminating in the launch of the company's flagship product, Big CloudFabric. He currently serves as a board member and founder-at-large,working on projects of strategic interest to the company with key customers and partners. Prior to Big Switch, Kyle spent most of his career at Cisco in product management and strategy roles. He holds six patents in SDN, wireless networking and security, a BSE inElectrical Engineering from Princeton, an MS in Computer Science and an MBA from the Stanford.