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This is an official meetup group for the San Francisco, CA - BOScoin: Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Blockchain Platform community.

We will be planning future events in your area, so please join our community, and keep on the lookout for meetups in your area soon!

- BOScoin Core team presentation covering the platform, node operation, and future plans.

Go to our official website for detailed information for the BOScoin Blockchain Platform - https://boscoin.io

Follow the project - https://www.twitter.com/boscoinio

We also have a community discussion forum at https://forum.boscoin.io

What is BOScoin?

BOScoin is a Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform for Trust Contracts. Our approach to the problem of security vulnerabilities inherent in the language used to program and execute smart contracts is to apply a domain-specific language which can be read easily by the average user and can be demonstrated mathematically to be computationally decidable. Trust Contracts are securely executable contracts based on a decidable programming framework called Owlchain, which consists of the Web Ontology Language and the Timed Automata Language. This architecture is designed to expand expressive power while retaining decidability to support secure and precise execution of contracts. Trust Contracts will provide a decidable and approachable framework for creating and executing contracts on the blockchain. BOScoin constitutes a governance system whereby node operators referred to as the Congress Network can participate in creating and voting on proposals in order to continuously improve the software and ecosystem. System changing proposals that are voted on by the Congress Network and accepted are considered to have reached a social consensus, and the changes in the proposal are automatically applied to the network. Another type of proposal is a funding proposal which are requests for funds from the Commons Budget which are also voted on by the Congress Network. BOScoin sets aside a large public budget specifically for the development of the BOScoin ecosystem through these proposals called the Commons Budget. The Congress Network is the decision making body of the BOScoin platform which improves governance issues arising in decentralized organizations and helps the system continuously evolve into a more robust ecosystem. The Congress Network is aimed towards creating a more democratic and productive decision making process with an incentive scheme and issuance plan aimed towards creating value for the coin while deterring the centralization of power. The Modified Federated Byzantine Agreement (mFBA) consensus algorithm will allow for low latency transactions while being more energy efficient. Decentralized currencies in many cases tend to become speculative islands with limited real applications. We believe the value of a blockchain token is intrinsically tied to how useful it is, we will release the BOScoin platform with ready-made apps, and projects already in development accelerating our blockchain platform integration with the Internet of things (IoT), which will increase the transactional value of our token, and help to acquire new users. We aim to overcome many technical and operational issues inherent in many cryptocurrencies.

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