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Tarot & Sephiroth On The Tree Of Life

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We continue the curriculum entitled "The Tarot and The Sephiroth On the Tree of Life". This meeting will discuss Tipareth, the Sphere of the Sun.

We will use Tarot Keys to spell the word Tipareth. To prepare for this meeting, participants may place the appropriate Keys in order from right to left and meditate upon them.

The Tarot Keys used for Tipareth are:

Key 21- Tau, The World
Key 16- Peh, The Tower
Key 0- Aleph, The Fool
Key 1- Resh, The Sun
Key 21- Tau, The World

Suggested reading/listening:

The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order, Paul Foster Case

Mystical Qabalah, Dion Fortune

Tree of Life CD Series, Ann Davies (available for sale at

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