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Confidence, Clarity, and Connection for men. Learn how to ditch the limiting beliefs that hold you back, discover your values, and build the life you want. We focus on self-awareness, psychology, core values, relationships, and self-responsibility. Learn more at your website www.brojo.org

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Get to know Brojo and your Ambassadors

Hotel Bristol

In this session David and Brad will introduce themselves and what makes them tick in personal development as well as talk as much about Brojo as you ask/ want to know. The rest of the session will be about what you would like to see out of Brojo Wellington and any burning personal development questions or situations. Here are some things to think about for you ahead of the meet up: What do you want out of life and how can you allow someone to help? What is a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset? What temperature is your thermostat at? Is comfort seeking driven by fear or pleasure? See you there!!

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