• BUGIE January 21

    3546 Concours St

    Happy New Year! The first BIM User Group Inland Empire meeting of the year! Tuesday, January 21 at HMC Architects 3546 Concours, Ontario. Arrive between 6:00 and 6:30 to network/chat. The presentations start at 6:30pm.

    We will be covering:

    "Dimension Styles". We will cover the dimension settings, linear, radial, angular, dual dimensions, dimensioning to masonry openings, and transfer project standards to get a dimension style from another project. We will get into the industry standards for dimensioning. Questions on Storefronts/Curtain walls, "round" walls, slanted walls, and interior walls (center vs face of core) will be answered.

    “Materials” Max has recently been working with his team at HMC to have Revit materials, Sketchup materials, and Rhino materials to all look the same when using Enscape. Max will present some of that in preparation for Phil Read’s Enscape presentation later in the year.

    “Revit Commands”
    Opening: by face, shaft, wall, vertical, dormer
    The 7 buttons in the bottom right corner (select elements by face, etc) (also on top left corner)
    Insert pdf (new)
    Modify...coping (steel beam)

    “3rd party programs”
    We go to the Autodesk App store and show a few.

    If you have a specific problem with your Revit model, bring it! The group will do what we can to help you!

    Please RSVP to this email. Thanks!!

  • October BUG-IE Design Challenge

    HMC Architects

    We have 4 speakers, including one of Mr. Bill Browns advanced students, all discussing their individual topics below:

    Mr. Kevin Hardyman:
    Kevin, from PCH Architects, will discuss Design Options - How to present multiple designs for a singular space within a singular Revit model.

    Mr. Bill Brown:
    Bill, instructor at Santiago High School will do a presentation on getting LEED data for % of glass by building orientation using schedules and shared parameters.

    Mr. Ethan Olson:
    Ethan, a student in Mr. Browns advanced classes is going to show his SDS2 Structural Steel Model - How to bring it into Revit - Limitations to what is seen (i.e. Details like Clip Plates, Gussets, Bolts, etc.

    Mr. Randy Sawn:
    Randy, Principal of R. L. Sawn Design Studio, will show you how to produce "Schedules" - How to start a schedule - the various types of schedules - how to add additional parameters to a schedule (such as showing door numbers at each end of a door schedule - and also how to use a schedule that includes information from a linked model, utilizing a central file.

    Mr. Ed Tallmadge, Strategic Account Manager / BIM Specialist at U. S. CAD he can be reached directly for any of your CAD needs at (760)[masked] and you can connect with him on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/edwardtallmadge/

    We hope to see all of you at our next Meet-Up at HMC Architects in Ontario, California.

    Thank you in advance for your participating!

    Hey everyone,
    If you are planning on going to our BUG-IE meeting this coming week (Tuesday the 15th), please respond early so we can get a good head count... Conversely - If your not coming please click that you are "Not Coming" That way we'll know that you have received our notice. In the next few month's we are going to start deleting members who have not been participating - If you respond not coming we will keep you on the list.
    Thank you, Randy Sawn, Assoc. AIA

  • Some Late August Revit stuff

    HMC Architects

    Hello all,
    This month's meeting will be happening a week later than usual due to some previous engagements. We'll be covering Revit training, Revit Design Options, and the OTHER options - Revit Options.

    Revit Training:
    What works, what doesn't, and various options for training will be shared.

    Revit Design Options:
    When the client wants 2 or more design options for a space within a building, and you want to keep everything in one Revit model: Design Options

    Revit Options:
    Have you ever wondered where you save the intervals for “Save”? Have you ever wondered where to set up your file locations, and what comes up first?, Well, I’ll be showing you where these setting are located and a whole bunch more… “Options”

    We hope to see you there!

  • June Revit'ng

    HMC Architects

    Join us in June to go over a few different Revit concepts covering basic, intermediate, and advanced uses. We may be discussing some of the following:

    - When and how to use Copy/Monitor
    - What Worksharing Display shows us regarding worksets and worksharing
    - Dynamo and how it can help automate and/or fix things
    - Parts and what that means
    - Stacked walls and how much fun they are

    Please take a moment to let us know which topics pique your interest most. We hope to see you all there!
    Thank you!

  • Special April BUGIE meeting w/ Scott Davis, BBQ and BEER hosted by BigBIMTheory

    April is always special with Phil's BBQ and Scott Davis from Autodesk, hosted by Big BIM Theory. They usually start a little earlier...again, stay tuned!

    We begin at 6:00 PM and we end when we get tired. Usually between 8:30 and 9. Our format is relaxed, so if you can't get here until 6:30 or if 8:00 PM is as late as you can stay, but you still want to come...please join us. Do you have something you would like to present? Please contact an organizer and we can get back to you.

    We welcome suggestions every month for a meeting topic. Post an idea here and then we can respond to what sounds interesting... Please !!!

  • Special March Meeting With Enscape!!

    Santiago High School - Room D107

    This month, we will have a special meeting, this time on the third THURSDAY of the month, to learn about Enscape hands-on! Phil Read of Enscape will show this real-time rendering software for Revit at Santiago High School Room D107 in Corona. In addition, we will have 3 Virtual Reality stations (using HTC Vive headsets) up and running so you will get a chance to walk a building using Enscape and VR. This will be a hands-on Revit User Group meeting!

    Phil Read will show best practices for:
    - Lighting
    - Materials
    - Graphics
    - Project Exploration and VR

    • What to bring

    Bring a Revit model....you can take a little walk inside!

  • Various Revit musings for February...

    HMC Architects

    Hello everyone!
    Please join us next week for a small variety of Revit musings for the month of February. First, Bill Brown will be walking us through setting up and using View Templates, something we can all benefit from when dealing with lots of views and drawings!

    Next, Ed Tallmadge will help us answer one of the most common, and important, questions regarding Revit. What exactly are the hardware specs needed to run Revit smoothly on your desktop and laptop??

    Finally, Randy Sawn will be filling us in on the importance and use of Parameters in Revit! Whether it be Project Parameters or Shared Parameters, we'll see what to use when and how!

    As always, feel free to bring along any questions or files that may be giving you a hard time. Maybe the group can figure something out to help!

    We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Revit in the New Year!!

    HMC Architects

    Hello all and Happy New Year!
    Join us this month to ring in the new year with some Revit knowledge. Feel free to bring along any project, families, or questions that may have been stumping you recently.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

  • BIM Stuff for October...

    HMC Architects

    Hello everyone! Please join us this month for more BIM stuff. We will having Brian Andresen cover some a range of some basic and more advanced Revit things to keep in mind, as well as Randy's presentation on keynoting...

    For Brian's presentation:
    Template/Content Resources Autodesk Revit Templates, Content Collections, and Libraries
    Object Styles Required A MUST for controlling your content within your projects
    Nomenclature Standard Naming between files and content is crucial
    View Inception Levels See all five levels of View Customization
    Sheet Revision/View Titles The best way (I’ve found) for Revision Triangles & View Titles on Sheets
    View Inception Levels Understand all five levels of View Settings (and when to apply)
    Clockwise Workflow Works for Walls and Section placement for clarity/consistency
    Copy/Paste Options Copy lines between process (geometry, detail, sheets/ views)
    Workset Locking Only way in Revit to lock content from others (and yourself)
    On-site Revit Support Staying Up-to-Date with Revit, BIM, and Future Technology

    For Randy's presentation:
    For one portion of the meeting we will review Noting, or… Keynoting;
    Keynoting has evolved over the years – we will review the good, the bad, and the ugly of Keynoting. I will show you 3 of the ways that people have done, or are doing Keynoting…
    FYI – there are potentially more ways, but I’m just going to concentrate on the 3 basic methods.

    We hope to see you there!