• Revit in the New Year!!

    HMC Architects

    Hello all and Happy New Year! Join us this month to ring in the new year with some Revit knowledge. Feel free to bring along any project, families, or questions that may have been stumping you recently. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • BIM Stuff for October...

    HMC Architects

    Hello everyone! Please join us this month for more BIM stuff. We will having Brian Andresen cover some a range of some basic and more advanced Revit things to keep in mind, as well as Randy's presentation on keynoting... For Brian's presentation: Template/Content Resources Autodesk Revit Templates, Content Collections, and Libraries Object Styles Required A MUST for controlling your content within your projects Nomenclature Standard Naming between files and content is crucial View Inception Levels See all five levels of View Customization Sheet Revision/View Titles The best way (I’ve found) for Revision Triangles & View Titles on Sheets View Inception Levels Understand all five levels of View Settings (and when to apply) Clockwise Workflow Works for Walls and Section placement for clarity/consistency Copy/Paste Options Copy lines between process (geometry, detail, sheets/ views) Workset Locking Only way in Revit to lock content from others (and yourself) On-site Revit Support Staying Up-to-Date with Revit, BIM, and Future Technology For Randy's presentation: For one portion of the meeting we will review Noting, or… Keynoting; Keynoting has evolved over the years – we will review the good, the bad, and the ugly of Keynoting. I will show you 3 of the ways that people have done, or are doing Keynoting… FYI – there are potentially more ways, but I’m just going to concentrate on the 3 basic methods. We hope to see you there!

  • Making Custom Materials and tags for CDs and an Intro to the new BIM 360 Design

    Hello all! Join us next week to learn about custom materials and tags for Construction Documents. Bill Brown will cover parameters in materials, and how those parameters can be used in tags. We will also make a custom material tag to use these parameters. We will control graphics of materials in both black and white and rendering in color. Finally, we'll learn about specifying paint, not messing up existing paint, and using model and drafting patterns in materials. To round off the evening, we'll cover the new BIM 360 Design collaboration system. While we've covered the use of BIM 360 Team in the past, we will now learn about the major changes Autodesk made to the system, allowing greater control of access, and kind of sort of overcomplicating things. Let's hear it for progress!!! See you on Tuesday!

  • Summertime is coming - Time to start Framing!

    HMC Architects

    Hello all. This is the Meeting rescheduled from last month. We will be exploring the "Framing Tools" that are an add-on app for Revit. Our own Ed Tallmadge will be impressing us with his knowledge and expertise with the Revit Framing Tools. This tool can frame your walls and roofs... So bring your whole office for this great demonstration. After that, Max Lobo will have some information from an AU class on little known updates from Revit 2015 thru 2018. He did a lunch presentation for the folks at HMC, and is looking to give us some of that same presentation. Time permitting, I will have a small demonstration on "Keynoting" including some of the various ways to achieve what you want in your projects. I was going to show this last month, but ran out of time... So, hopefully this month. This should be a really good event, and I hope to see even more people than May's record breaking attendance!!! Sincerely, Management Team Max Lobo, BIM Manager for HMC Architects Randy Sawn, Assoc. AIA - Project Manager for PCH Architects. And just getting started with the managing of the group... Kevin Hardyman, Project Manager for PCH Architects. AND - As always - Don't forget to thank Ed Tallmadge, for not only putting on the Framing Tool presentation this month, but for also being our Sponsor - Ed is with U.S.CAD and can answer any of your questions regarding technology, software, and as our favorite reseller!!! He is supplying the PIZZA! Thanks Ed!

  • May - the BUG-IE be with you... Really?

    HMC Architects

    We will be meeting at HMC Architects this coming Tuesday May 15th. Bill Brown will be having a couple of his students presenting their "C4R" projects to get some in-put from the audience. Bill and his students will be presenting this topic. We will also be going over some of the forgotten tools or actions it takes to work with-in Revit... Really it's just going over the finer points of Revit to be efficient with your time. Max Lobo will be presenting this topic We will also be going over the various types of "Keynoting" The Really Dumb Keynotes, The Somewhat Dumb Keynotes, And The Smart Keynotes. All of these have their place in the office. We will be going over what each type takes to achieve, and the amount of work for each and what should be done for the REALLY SMART Keynotes! I will be presenting this topic - Randy Sawn And as always, Don't forget to thank our sponsor - U.S.CAD - Ed Tallmadge.


    Hunsaker & Associates

    Well, South of the TEMECULA BORDER this month to the "Big BIM Theory" meeting IN SAN DIEGO. Each year Ed Tallmadge, with U.S.CAD, hosts "THE BIG REVEAL" of the latest Revit software up-dates, among other things. Here is the link to their meeting up https://www.meetup.com/Big-BIM-Theory/ You can either sign up here and I'll let Ed know who's coming from our end, or you can go to Big BIM Theory directly and sign up there! THIS EVENT USUALLY HOST ABOUT 60 TO 80 PEOPLE EVERY YEAR... THIS IS THE "NOT TO MISS EVENT OF THE YEAR" ! Here is the description on their meet-up page: Come join us for our annual San Diego Big BIM BBQ! This event is the perfect opportunity to network and engage with your industry peers. All are welcome, but please RSVP so we have food for everyone! At this special event, you’ll hear from industry guest speakers and enjoy some of the best BBQ in the county with Phil's BBQ! Food & Beer will be served at 4:00 p.m., so plan to arrive early to network with your peers. We’ll be discussing topics in BIM 360, Revit, and more. EMCEE ED TALLMADGE U.S. CAD SPEAKER SCOTT DAVIS AUTODESK SPEAKER TROY GATES U.S. CAD Agenda: Networking BBQ & Beer Introduction from Ed Tallmadge (U.S. CAD) Presentation from Scott Davis (Autodesk) Presentation from Troy Gates (U.S. CAD) Q & A and Wrap-up