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This is a group for anyone interested in learning more about, and experiencing biotechnology hands-on. BUGSS is a fairly well-equipped community biotech lab/lounge, located in Baltimore. Let's get together to crack our brains wide open to what's possible when biology meets technology and mixes with a cool group of individuals thinking, discussing, and doing rad stuff. All are welcome!

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Breaking Through: EFFECTIVE Science Communication

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Please sign up on Eventbrite at: https://talkscience.eventbrite.com In a time of growing mistrust of science, what are the most effective ways to communicate science to the public? Panelists will share their insights into “what works.” Topics will include how to speak to a general audience and drop the jargon, how to pitch ideas to biotech entrepreneurs, and how to increase accessibility of health websites and apps by optimizing user interface/ user experience. Speakers will include: Damilola Akinmade, Ph.D. UI/UX Research & Design Fellow, FDA NIck Puts, Ph.D. Assistant professor and postdoctoral program Director in Radiology, Johns Hopkins University Linda Saffer, Ph.D. Consultant, Program Manager TEDCO Sara Lupolt, MPH, PhD student in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, Bloomberg School of Public Health

Biodiversity of Inner Harbor Biodisks

National Aquarium

Please sign up on for this event on Eventbrite: https://biodisks.eventbrite.com Join BUGSS and the National Aquarium as we host Adam Frederick, Assistant Director for Education for Maryland Sea Grant. He will teach us about Inner Harbor biodiversity, how biofilms can help to determine species richness, and how to visually determine what species are present in the Inner Harbor ecosystem. While you may not be able to see far into its murky depths, the Inner Harbor is full of life. One way that scientists monitor what's living in the Harbor is to suspend acrylic disks in the Harbor and allow biofilms to form on their surface. These biofilms contain a wide variety of bacteria, protists, and animal life. Amazingly, we can see the composition of organisms change on the biodisks throughout the seasons (a process of succession). Check out this cool video of the changes to the surface of a biodisk across the seasons (Charmaine Dahlenberg, National Aquarium): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6icJJMbPe8w In previous classes at BUGSS (Sequencing the Inner Harbor and Analyzing the Inner Harbor), we've determined what species are present by extracting and analyzing their DNA. In this class, we'll learn to visually determine what's present on the biodisks. After this course, you'll be trained to perform the analysis yourself! You can help us (The National Aquarium, the Institute for Marine and Environmental Technology, MD Sea Grant, and BUGSS) to analyze the wealth of data and videos that they have of biofilm disks. Join us for this one class or join us longer-term for the project! This course is appropriate for everyone ages 12 and up. For more information about this type of analysis and the project, check out: https://ww2.mdsg.umd.edu/interactive_lessons/biofilm/index.html (Images credited to MD Sea Grant)

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