BioPrinting Workshop 1- Hardware

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This is Workshop 1 of a series of three workshops that explore the hardware, software, and tissue engineering processes currently being used for R&D at BUGSS and other labs around the world. Workshop 1 - Bioprinting Hardware (4/11 10:00-5:00, $50 non-member, $10 member) includes a survey of printing techniques and printers and will culminate in hands-on demos of some of these tools. Workshop 2 - Bioprinting Software ( (4/18 10:00-5:00, $50 non-member, $10 member) explores software used for creating 3D models and experimental platforms for generating code to control 3D printers. Workshop 3 - Bioprinting Breakout ( is a big event exploring 3D tissue engineering (cell culturing, print media, and much more) with multiple lectures and workshops lead by expert researchers in this field. More details about Bioprinting Breakout can be found at Each workshop can be taken individually, or you can sign up for all three for $150.

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