BioPrinting Breakout

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BioPrinting Breakout explores the hardware, software, and tissue engineering processes currently being used for R&D at BUGSS and other labs around the worl. This workshop brings researchers into the public to talk about their work and kick start new initiatives related to this technology. Pioneering researchers will present their work to an audience of scientists, engineers, artists, makers, hackers, and the interested public.

Hands on Demonstrations

Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering - Lye Lock, RoosterBio ( + Lye Lin, JHU (

Cells for Tissue Engineering - Jon Rowley, RoosterBio (

3D BioPrinters in Action - BioBots (, jimmi research (, Anderson Ta, Ryan Hoover (

Plant Tissue Culture Pop Up Lab - Sebastian Cocioba, NY Botanics

Latest in tissue engineering

3D Printed Muscle-Powered Biological Machines - Ritu Raman, Bashir Research Group, U Illinois (

Engineering Perfused Vascular Networks in VItro -David Kolesky, Lewis Research Group, Harvard U (

Bioprinting of Microfluidic Continuous Sheets for Use as Skin -Axel Guenther, U Toronto (

3D BioPrinting in Art and Design -Ryan Hoover, BUGSS/MICA (

And more. This is a one of a kind experience, priced for access

Costs, (not including online processing fees) are $25 for official BUGSS members/$75 nonmembers. (Sorry, the lower admissions costs apply to official BUGSS members only, and not members of the BUGSS Baltimore Meetup Group)

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