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Do you wonder why the Democratic Party sucks at messaging? Or why talentless posers can somehow make platinum albums?

This meetup will explore the dark art of Public Relations with an aim to eventually found a collective social media counterweight to the pervasive and often toxic Mass Marketing and PR industries. Or as we ought to re-brand it: BR, Bullshit Relations.

We will discuss advertising and subvertizing; politics and messaging; successful and unsuccessful social media campaigns past and present; public awareness campaigns; Edward Bernaise (that guy sucks); Marshall McLuhan (that guy's great); Naomi Klein (badass); George Orwell; Black Lives Matter; Indivisible; Media Criticism; "Clean Coal," Reefer Madness; How Sears Invented Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer; and any other relevent events and literature that naturally enter the discussion.

We will begin with an open and respectful workshop discussion format. We will need different perspectives, energies, skills, and personalities. We will explore options of original and existing content, mass-marketing messages, brands, campaigns, policies, and entities to deconstruct and reconstruct; brand and re-brand. We will work together toward a collective goal of lauching our first Bullshit Relations campaign soon. Please bring your ideas, focus, creativity, insight, and sense of humor.

Thank you for your time and interest in Bullshit.

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