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WHAT: The Ethical Society of Asheville has initiated a “BUYCOTT for a Living Wage” to thank and support businesses that have been certified as Living-Wage Employers by Just Economics of WNC. Certified businesses are listed at www.justeconomicswnc.org. HOW: The process is easy. Your organization prints “BUYCOTT thank-you” notes for your members to carry with them. Members who patronize a living-wage business hand the cashier or waiter a thank-you note explaining that one reason for patronizing them is that they pay a living wage. Members’ BUYCOTT shopping thanks the owners and helps the business’s bottom line. WHY: We want your organization to join us in this BUYCOTT so as to: • Encourage more businesses to pay their employees a Living Wage • Make sure Living-Wage Employers get certified and become known in the community • Bring more shoppers to patronize certified businesses at every opportunity • Publicize the BUYCOTT throughout the region to help make all of WNC a Living-Wage community

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