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Welcome and thank you for joining this Meetup group!!!

Whilst this group is called the 'Black Women's Empowerment Circle', all are welcome- men, women, of any colour or creed. However, our focus will be the empowerment of black women ;o)

We will learn from teachers such as: Oprah, Iyanla Vanzant, Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay and many more.

By focusing and taking steps in the right direction you can easily be on your way to live a more joyous, fun and fulfilling life.

My intention is to create a circle of sacred trust where we can support each other to live our best lives.

Like some of you reading this, your journey began in a different country to where you are right now. Mine began in Trinidad and Tobago. At aged 8 years my older sister and I left the loving arms of our Aunt and Uncle to start a new life in the UK with our parents. My parents, who were extremely hard working had immigrated, leaving my siblings and me in the trusted care of relatives. I was the youngest at that time and had no memory of my earlier years with them. Does my story so far ring a cord with anyone?

To cut my story substantially short, (maybe I have the makings for my first book here) the following years were difficult years. And I believe my early childhood years shaped the person I became, my thoughts, beliefs and sometimes the less than positive experiences that I attracted into my life.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is to ‘Love myself’. Me, you, and everyone is worthy of love but it begins with YOU!

All transformations cannot happen without being aware of the laws that govern the Universe. Every one of us is able to create our own reality by the thoughts that we choose to think and the only limitation we have are the ones we believe are true. “As a woman thinketh, so she is”

So wherever you are right this moment, you can begin to make that change.

It would be an honour to meet you and I look forward to connecting!

Blessed be, Gunita.

Once we begin to recognize the miracle of our truest self we can then take the essential next steps towards miraculous relationships. Our wiliness to take loving care of ourselves is so deeply connected to our ability to receive love from anybody else. Take care of yourself; tend to your mind, your body and your spirit each day. That is what will put you on the path to true love with the most important person in your life, YOU. Honour yourself and your relationships will blossom beyond your imagination ~ Oprah Winfrey

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