What we're about

Hello fellow baby mamas, my name is Destinee. I'm a young, soon to be first time mom but I'm not lost and confused. Yes, having a sweet child in the middle of my entrepreneurial journey was a monkey wrench in our plans BUT life isn't over. In fact, the party is just getting started!
Often times, the words and stigma behind 'baby mama' is referred to an unwed, low class woman, usually with more than one baby. Well it's time to quit allowing ourselves to think like that and in turn separating us just for us to join apps such as this one to find community. We all are baby mamas or mamas (moms, mommies) to sweet gifts of joy. It really shouldn't matter, c'mon people it is the turn of the century.
So who is this group for?
-Moms that want community( meetups like entrepreneur-talk, book-clubbers, shop-til-I-drop, and adventurous mamas)
- A once- as often-as needed support group meeting
- A space to allow your and your little one(or ones) to be themselves.

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