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LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. WE come to you with love. The world seen through the eyes of love are eyes that now truly see. Love is more powerful than any other vibration in the universe. LOVE comes to us in so many forms and some just need a little help in seeing it. That is what we are here to do...help you SEE again. LOVE is the most beautiful feeling we will ever experience.

Meetings are held 2x per month at Trinity Care Sanctuary’s 1st location in New Paltz, NY.

The energy exchange ‘suggested’ gift or $ will vary each meeting but totally affordable to you all. These exchanges also not limited to $. It can be in another form as in the ole ‘barter’ system that happened a long long time ago.

WE are here among many others to assist this planet in the new ‘Heaven on Earth’ that it is naturally becoming on its own and precisely the reason why there is so much turmoil on the planet at this time.

WE are here to assist YOU back to your souls TRUTH and remembering why you are here and WHAT you are here to do.

We ALL have a unique purpose and it all ties into all of who we are and flows perfectly once we remember it.

Everyone is in an awakening stage at different speeds and levels. Some of us are choosing not to grow or ascend and stay where we are at in our growth but all LEVELS of life and existence are needed.

IF we were all leaders then there would be noone to follow. IF we were all followers then there would be noone to lead. Dark and Light, good or bad, happy or sad, yin or yang, male or female, ALL co-exist on this planet and one cannot exist without the becausr BALANCE would then not exist.

LOVE LOVE LOVE AND YET ANOTHER DOLLUP OF IT in case you didn’t get enough 🌈😬💜


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