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Welcome to the Backpacking and Group Site Camping Meetup. As the name implies the main focus of this group will be backpack camping and car camping at group campsites. The backpacking trips will primarily be on the Superior Hiking Trail and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. The car camping will usually be at state parks. The car camping will be for tents only - no campers or trailers. There is another group that goes to group campsites for trailers. The state park group sites that allow trailers usually cost significantly more then those sites that are just for tents.

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William O'Brien State Park

William O'Brien State Park


I have reserved group site 1 at the Wedge Hill group site area. The park boarders the St. Croix River and is just north of Stillwater. The park has some nice easy hiking trails. The park also has a fishing pier and a mile and half of paved bike/ walking trail. I believe the trail continues out of the park.

Join us for the start of the 2022 camping season. The cost will be $25. This covers the camp site and firewood. You will need to bring everything else.

If you wish to pay by a method other than PayPal let me know.

Backpacking on the Superior Hiking Trail.


This will be over Memorial Day Weekend.
Holiday weekend 3 day backpacking trip (Friday to Monday). We will start from Britton Peak by Tofte (back page of map 4). We will start at about 2pm. We will head north. Friday night we will camp at the Onion River campsite. Saturday night we will camp at Lake Agnes. Sunday night we will camp at either Indian Camp Creek or Trout Creek. Sunday morning we will head out. Please note, we will be hiking together as a group. The end is at Cascade River State Park. We will have cars parked at the end and shuttle back and forth.

The daily mileage is:
Friday - 5.4 miles
Saturday - 11.7 miles
Sunday - 7.9 or 11.1 miles
Monday - 3.2 or .7 miles

Only RSVP if you will be definitely attending.

Voyageurs National Park

Ash River Visitor Center


Do you like to star gaze?

Do you like to listen to loons?

Does camping on a waterfront campsite sound fun?

Come enjoy Voyageurs National Park. All of the camping sites are accessible only by water during the summer. We will be staying at the Lost Lake Campsite. The site is about .7 (point 7) miles from the Ash River Visitor Center. The site is on a small secluded lake. Pictures on line show a couple of hammocks hung on the site. The site has two tent pads about 14'x14' each. Three 1-2 person tents will fit on each tent pad. Because if this I will initially limit the group to six. If people share tents or have hammocks I will open it to more people. The site has two food lockers.

The main lake is not that wide around the area of the Ash River Visitor Center. The lake here should be better for paddling then the open big lake. There are some hiking trails nearby the Ash River Visitor Center. We can check these out if we get tired of playing in/on the water.

Voyageurs is a dark sky area. This means there isn't any light pollution. This gives us an opportunity to see more stars than elsewhere. The full moon will be on July 13 and August 11. The days we are there the moon will rise 6:14am to 8:34am and set 9:33pm to 10:18pm. No moonlight to ruin the star gazing.

This should be a nice relaxing time.

If you need to pay by a way other than PayPal send me a message.

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St. Croix State Park Group Site Camping

St. Croix State Park


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