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What we’re about

This group is for scientific skeptics. You might say a skeptic is one who is an evidential truth-seeker an evidencialist. One who knows what his/her reality is by the evidence presented to them. One who inquirers about everything, but accepts the most reasonable explanation based on science and falsifiable claims.

There is no topic a true skeptic will not approach, and the topic of religion is one of those. This group is NOT for those who say “I know for sure that I am right, that my religion is one true religion, and that my political opinions are absolutely correct, and I don’t need to listen to people who think differently”. Instead, it’s for those who sincerely want to understand: why do other people believe the way they do? Where are they coming from?  I true skeptic will change their mind fi the evidence presents itself to be true.

Peace begins with understanding among people. But how can we ever have understanding if we don’t even talk about things controversial?

You are invited to loose your fear of “controversial” subjects and join this group. The only requirement for joining is the ability to really, truly listen to other people and to express your opinion in a respectful way.