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Iron Sky + Barbarella

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Bad Movie Night has been RESCHEDULED to Friday, February 22 due to the storm.

Movies start at 8 PM, doors open at 7 PM, please arrive between 7 and 8.

8 PM - Iron Sky

This is a Finnish indie movie (English dialog) made with crowdsourcing. It's about Nazis. From the moon. If you haven't heard of it, watch the trailer:

10 PM - Barbarella

This is an (in)famously bizarre 1968 movie featuring Jane Fonda, a shag carpeted spaceship, strong (but not explicit) sexual themes, and acres of plexiglass. It's not so much "bad", more like "based on a French comic in the days when LSD was young". The original trailer isn't entirely representative, because they just emphasized the sexy bits, but it's funny how they did trailers back then:


Drinks or snacks are appreciated but not required. I'll have plates, cups, and soda.