Past Meetup

Gigli + The Perils of Gwendoline

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It's going to be a hot, moist evening so let's watch some romantic comedy!

8:00 PM - Gigli

This legendary colossal flop is one of the rare intentionally funny movies which flopped and still managed to be unintentionally funny. Partly because Ben Affleck's character has so little chemistry that he manages to come across as a closeted gay hitman who's such a pussy that a butch lesbian falls for him while they're hiding a retarded kid at his house for no reason.

10:30 PM - The Perils of Gwendoline

If Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was crossed with a bad romance novel, sprinkled with softcore bondage, and made with bad actors and a B budget, it would be this.

DOORS OPEN: 7 PM. Please arrive between 7 and 8.

BRING: I will have soda. Drinks and snacks are appreciated.