Rem Lazar + 2.0

This is a past event

17 people went

Ian's Apartment

30-33 32nd St · Astoria, NY

How to find us

Buzz 2H on the RIGHT buzzer panel, then go up the RIGHT staircase. 2H is the first door on the RIGHT. Call 408-202-0389 if you need to.

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8 PM - Rem Lazar is our "American super low budget" entry, the failed pilot for a children's superhero musical TV show. Only 45 minutes long, to leave room for...

9:30 PM - 2.0 is Bollywood's most expensive movie ever! Sequel to Bollywood's previous most expensive movie ever! I'm actually cheating a bit because despite being Bollywood it's not really a musical - there are some songs but the characters don't sing them - but this means the movie is only 2:15 long. It's basically about how an evil robot superhero defeats Environmentalist Megatron by holding animals hostage.

Please arrive between 7 and 8. Drinks/snacks appreciated.

If anyone would like to contribute to the cost of running this meetup ($12 per month), you should be able to contribute using the following link: