What we're about

Blockbusters? Indie? Cult? You can get those anywhere.

This is the group for movies so bad they're good.

The weird, the bizarre, the horrible acting, the ridiculous concepts, the non-work-safe hilarity. Most people are just uncomfortable watching them, but for whatever reason they tickle the suitably twisted sense of humor.

Would you watch a movie called Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, because a movie with that title must be awesome? Does your list of cinematic classics include things like Barbarella, Zardoz, and RoboGeisha?

Does a one star Netflix rating intrigue you? Well, if you're 21+ years old and have read and agree to the terms of our Release of Liability statement, then sign up, because this group is for getting together at someone's place and watching movies like that, and many others that are much more obscure.

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Last minute Bats 'n' Snakes Double Feature

Needs a location

Santo Spooktacular!

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Well, Frack That! A Quaking Double Feature

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Bite Night!!! Creatures with pointy teeth!!

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