What we're about

Travel, Adventure and Exploration! - with a veggie friendly twist.

Road Trips, Camping, Obscure Museums. Get out and explore Colorado and the West, while also having vegan food options. Looking for motorcycle rides, kayak trips, or exploring ghost towns? We're the spot!

There are plenty of vegan groups for potlucks and proselytizing. We're the "bad vegans" that stray from the flock to visit and explore the not so veggie friendly world. Let's experience and see what's out there, accept cultural differences, focus on our commonality while also being able to grab food along the way.

Members are:

Familiar with vegan quirks - you don't have to be vegan, but please be familiar with our choices

Willing to help make awesome trips and events happen - we all pitch in to help

Understanding that others don't share our preferences, and that's ok - don't try to shame or convert others

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