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Greetings all *Fashion-conscious, *Ambitious, *Free-spirited BAD ASS girls:

*Please join if you’re TRULY longing to make NEW FRIENDS and connect with like-minded women of Southern California*

- Do others believe you’re too much into designer this, designer that? Have they said you’re too high-fashion, too high-maintenance? But this means an important part of your identity.

- Do you dislike dealing with women who aren’t very *ambitious*, independent and financially stable?

- Ever felt like you can’t be yourself around other women? They may believe you’re not ‘lady-like’ or modest? There’s always a negative, slut-shaming remark regarding how you show off your beautiful body and live your life?

This group is created for sophisticated women seeking to connect with women who share the same interests and personality types. Kinda of like ‘Basketball wives of _______’ or ‘Real Housewives of ________ ‘ just WITHOUT all the drama.

In this era, The Kim K’s, Amber Roses Clermont Twins run tings. I’m referring to women who are beautiful, stylish, sexually confident/sex-positive, smart and business-minded. They defy societal expectations ,create their own rules and live by them.

All ethnicities ,nationalities, backgrounds are welcome. *Just please no morally judgmental/self-righteous women not working to improve their overall quality of life*

Let’s form meaningful connections , motivate one another and live our best lives babes.

I’m not looking for big numbers or those wanting to simply add their name to a roster. This group is small and specific so I would like some genuine friendships to develop. The focus is quality and not quantity.

**Inactiveness and **flakiness is a major pet peeve.
You may get deleted or removed from the group if you do not respond to emails or messages of communication. Organizers work hard and use their own money to even maintain meet-ups. Life happens and conflicting schedules may occur, but if you consistently make no effort to connect or reach out, you may be removed from the group.

Meet-ups might consist of dining, clubbing, lounging, vacationing and so on!

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