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• Are you a Freelancer, Solopreneur, Small Business Owner, or ambitious professional? Then this Badass Business Book Club is for you.

• Are you an avid business book reader and love discussing what you read with others? Or feel like you SHOULD read more business books, but need MOTIVATION and accountability? Either way, the Badass Business Book Club is for you.

Why Read Business Books?
• Learn and Evolve
• Grow your business
• Find creative ideas for content
• Polish your marketing skills
• Create successful marketing campaigns
• Up your SEO game
• Find motivation and inspiration
• Increase productivity
• Cultivate your personal and professional skills
• Challenge yourself to think outside the box
• Expand your thinking
• Learn how to approach others professionally
• Learn more about your industry and other industries
• Overcome common pitfalls
• Pick up tips and ideas
• Nurture your creative side
• Intellectual curiosity sparks great things
• Professional development to get you and your business to the next level
• Make connections between ideas that might be relevant to your work or life
• Improve focus and concentration
• Broaden your perspective
• Learn new concepts and activities you can apply
• Solve problems more inventively
• Lessons from other’s mistakes and successes
• Invest in yourself
• Exercise your brain and Sharpen your skills

Reading is often viewed as a solitary activity. Book clubs are an effective way to enhance the benefits of reading.

Why join the Badass Business Book Club?
• "You're not enlightened by your own shadow."
• Be part of a community of people who are prepared to learn and grow their business
• Combining book reading with an open discussion doubles the impact of the book
• Discussing books with a diverse group of friends can expand the way you think
• Groups help reinforce commitment
• Achieve growth through reading and discussions
• Find motivation and encouragement
• Exchange insight and advice
• Build unique and powerful connections
• Become a better conversationalist and a better listener
• Enhance communication skills
• An affordable, informal way to grow as a leader
• Read more deeply and Diversify reading habits (see above for benefits of reading business books)

Meeting Details?
• We meet every 4-6 weeks
• Come ready to discuss the book through dynamic peer-to-peer discussion
• Come with a question or a favorite passage - It helps to take a few notes or mark a few pages while reading so that you’re prepared to discuss the book
• Exchange ideas and strategies on how to apply the book's concepts
• Brainstorm through collective thinking
• Learn how to apply the principles discussed in order to grow your business
• Share actions we will take as a result of our reading
• Mastermind to set goals and share accomplishments
• Network with like-minded and diverse people
• Leave feeling inspired
• Participants are encouraged to continue the conversation in the private online group

In Between Meetings
• Read Selected Business Book
• Share information, articles and discussion between meetings in the private online group Sign up at - https://www.facebook.com/groups/badassyourb ...

(Book Selections will be posted months in advance so everyone can read at their own pace.)

Everyone’s invited whether they read 0% or 100% of the book, but make an effort since this IS A BOOK CLUB.
• If you finished the book and are feeling inspired, you may choose to lead the discussion.
• If you didn’t quite finish the book, but feel you've read enough to contribute, don’t skip the meeting. (spoiler alert: Be prepared for other members to discuss points that you might have missed.)
• Try your best to finish the book - It's understandable that sometimes life gets overwhelming, we get extremely busy, or that something happened that makes it impossible to finish the book in time.
• Occasionally you are going to be too busy to read the book, but you can still attend the meeting! Just be honest about your lapse and be prepared to listen to the discussion.
• If someone else in the club didn’t finish the book, don’t give that person a hard time.— one day it could be you!

(Due to Meetup settings and rates, 50 members is the maximum . If you aren’t active in the group, you might be removed to allow a wait-list member to join.)

"Where you'll be in five years will depend on the books you read, the people you associate with, and the actions you take." – Brad Sugars

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