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Residents of S. Florida: Dade, Broward, and WPB. Who happen to love The Islands of The Bahamas and traveling. Whether it’s plain relaxation, adventure, new experiences, nature, tours, history, caves, swimming pigs, sharks, stingrays, lobsters, conch, Junkanoo, boating, diving, fishing, great cuisine, regattas, festivals, homecomings, culture, island hopping, etc. Stay calm we’ve got you covered.

Open to all, from first timers to seasoned Bahamas travelers. All with the passion and love to explore and experience. Join us, as we discuss and explore the great gems of The Islands of The Bahamas.

Looking for info. regarding The Islands of The Bahamas; check out Gemmes de L'île site or social media page.

Website: islandgemmes.com

IG: @islandgemmes

Note: If you would like to post photos or advertise (on Discussions); please message me beforehand.

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