What we're about

You should join this group if you are:
* Indonesian native speakers, or
* Bahasa Indonesia Language Learners!

For Bahasa Indonesia Language Learners: Have you attempted to learn Bahasa Indonesia on your own? Or have taken Bahasa Indonesia course before? Do you still feel you are not conversant enough in Bahasa Indonesia?

Would like to practice Bahasa Indonesia with native speakers?

If so, this is THE place for you. Come and join us to practice your speaking & listening skills, as well as learn different sentence structures, phrases, and even slangs!

If you are Indonesian native speakers, come and join us to mingle and help our fellow Bahasa Indonesia learner friends to practice the language.

Everybody is WELCOME :)

In our Meetup group, we discuss all topics ranging from food, travel, sport, etc- basically all kinds of topic that friends would talk among each other. The only difference is that we will chat in Bahasa Indonesia. Are you ready to have fun while you practice Bahasa Indonesia?


For your membership to be considered, I will need you to have your name & picture on your profile. You are here to learn and connect with everybody else who wants to learn Bahasa Indonesia, as well as with native speakers who want to help you practice. It is only fair for members to roughly have ideas who they will be meeting at the event. Sketchy account will not be approved. We don’t think it’s shameful to practice Bahasa Indonesia together & make new friends, so why the need to hide? :)

Most Meetups will happen during dinner time at a restaurant, with individual budget fluctuating between $12 to $25 without drinks (your food, your own expense). Look forward to meeting you all!

Past events (29)

TRT Meeting

71 Robinson Rd

Basic Bahasa Indonesia Learning & Practice

22 Cross St

Basic Bahasa Indonesia Learning & Practice

22 Cross St

Basic Bahasa Indonesia Learning & Practice

WeWork Beach Centre