Sally's Baking Addiction Recipes - One of my FAVES :):)

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5 Cherry Hill Dr

5 Cherry Hill Dr · Danvers, MA

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Come in the front entrance. We are the first door immediately to your left.

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This is the first regular meetup since covid. Please note that we are "jumping in with two feet" for a completely regular Bakers and Tasters gathering. We will be sharing food from home, we will not be requiring masks or asking about vaccinations, and there is not enough space for everyone to social distance with the number of people that are signed up. I understand everyone has different comfort levels right now, so If you want to wear a mask or if you want to scoot your chair back a little feel free! If you are not ready to jump in, just rsvp to an event that is a little further in the future when you are ready. We welcome everyone whether you want to join in now, attend with caution, or wait....whatever makes you comfortable!

Sally's Baking Addiction is one of my favorite Blogs with recipes that include desserts, breakfast food, savory dishes, breads, and some "healthy" recipes. I have loved everything that I have baked from this blog so far and I would love to try more of her recipes without having to bake them all!! Slightly selfish motives hahaha :). I realize that not all of her recipes are "baking" and we normally have a "baked element" rule HOWEVER since it is a baking blog, you may choose any recipe, baked or not, and bring it to the event! Maybe take some time to read a few of her baking tips and ideas, and let's share what we learn. I'll send details when they are available if you want to join me in this fun challenge! In the mean time, choose a recipe from Sally's Baking blog and bake it up! Bring it to B and T and let's taste, critique, and discuss! If you change it up, let us know what you did! Looking forward to this! Here's the link to her blog and recipes.

Hint: For some reason, when I clicked on a category, it didn't show all of the available recipes. But when I put a specific thing into the search bar there were many more recipes. For example if you click on cakes, it doesn't show all the recipes. But when I put "chocolate cake" into the search bar, pages of recipes came up. Not sure why....but just an FYI.

*This is a ladies only meetup. If you are a first timer and you add a +1 to your RSVP, please make sure it's a female. We provide take out containers and you are welcome to take food home to husbands and boyfriends, but we like to keep this meetup a ladies night out!

*Before the meetup, leave a comment and let us know if you are a Baker or a Taster! If you are a baker, tell us what you are baking. Please look at the other comments to make sure there are no exact duplicates. Your recipe should be enough for attendees to have a tiny portion. Don't feel obligated to double or triple your recipe.

$ CONTRIBUTIONS: I don't officially require payment for events, however it is suggested that attendees contribute $3 - $5 at each event (contribution bucket provided). I don't keep tabs on who contributes and I will continue to run this fun group regardless of donations, but Meetup expenses do add up, and the cost to organize a group often increases from year to year. If you would like to see what your contribution is going towards, you can click on the link below (the link doesn't always work on mobile devices. It works on a computer or laptop). All expenses from the beginning of this group are recorded. Online contributions are listed under "contributions". Cash donations are listed under "other income" :

Looking forward to seeing everyone!! Happy Baking! :):)