What we're about

Do you like board games of the 'heavier' variety? Are there times when one more game of 'Settlers' just won't do it? Do you crave complex games that are thematically rich, steeped in history, politics, economics, and military doctrine? If so, you've come to the right place! BBB (Baladi Boardgamers of Bala) seeks to provide a home for lifelong learners who enjoy intense play. Twilight Struggle (an award-winning Cold War classic), Republic of Rome (a much older classic by the Avalon Hill game company), Unconditional Surrender: Europe (strategic WWII), Phil Eklund's Pax Renaissance, GMT's COIN series (Cuba Libre, Fire in the Lake, etc.), Siege of Jerusalem - these are just a few of the games we might play together. Even if you've never played games like these, if you are interested in exploring historical simulations and 'what ifs' in a friendly, social atmosphere, please join us! Bring a game to teach, or just bring yourself and a desire to learn and have fun.
We will meet at Starbucks on Montgomery Avenue. If the group grows to a point that we need more space than they can offer, we'll figure it out then. Hope to see you soon!

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