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Balance Martial Arts and Gaming is the ultimate place to explore your interests and discover new ones. Come meet new friends, relax watching TV in the lounge, play games on our beautiful gaming tables, read a good book or study in the library, or train in one of the most well rounded martial arts systems in the world. Study, play, relax, train, all in one place.

Upcoming events (5+)

Saturday Night Commander Open Play

Balance Martial Arts & Gaming

Bring your friends to come play Commander in a wonderful environment. Once a month we will be hosting tournaments

Games After Dark

Balance Martial Arts & Gaming

Come enjoy some wildly inappropriate laughter with games like Joking Hazard, Cards against Humanity and more! This event is not for the kids.

Monday Night Standard MtG

Balance Martial Arts & Gaming

$5 entry for a Swiss style tournament. All of the entry's go towards the prize pool

Monday Movie Night

Balance Martial Arts & Gaming

Every week we will be showing a different movie in our lounge area. Message us or check our Facebook polling options to find out which movies we will be showing

Past events (45)

Modern Friday Night Magic

Balance Martial Arts & Gaming

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