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My name is Brandon Mancuso and I'm a behavioral dog trainer in Orange County. I started my training at Cesar Millan's Dog Psychology Center and mentored under two of his former head trainers. After that I spent the last several years working with hundreds dogs as the head trainer of one of oranges county's busiest behavioral dog training companies. My goal is to create an environment for dogs to come and practice being calm in different environments around different everyday distractions.

This is a private group for people and their dogs to practice walking and being in public around other dogs and everyday distractions. This is NOT a training class for dogs that have behavioral issues like leash reactivity that have not already been trained by myself or another trainer to stop that behavior. This is also NOT a play group and dogs will not be greeting each other unless specifically directed to for training purposes. All owners must maintain control over their dogs at all times meaning their dog should be on a six foot leash or shorter (No retractable leashes) and their dog should always be right next to them and if your dog does react to something you should be able to stop the behavior immediately and get the dog into a calm state. If your dog is having leash reactivity issues please reach out to myself or any other trainer to get training for your dog and once you've gotten better control over the issues you're welcome to come practice at the pack walk.

The first time is free and after that the fee is $10 per walk for non-leash reactive dogs and $25 per walk for leash reactive dogs paid via PayPal or Venmo prior to start of walk. All leash reactive dogs must be approved, wearing proper safety equipment and in current training until owner has complete control over dog at all times.

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Irvine Spectrum Pack Walk

Irvine Spectrum

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Irvine Spectrum Pack Walk

Irvine Spectrum

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