What we're about

Meet other like-minded people for potlucks, movie nights, nights out, walks in nature or joined fitness ventures, visit sanctuaries, talk about books, or whatever floats your boat :)

Since I moved to Balbriggan, I miss the community that the Vegan groups in Dublin provided me with. And since I couldn't find any active groups for this area, I decided to just start one!

Whether you are a meat-eater interested in learning more about a vegan lifestyle, vegetarian or vegan, everyone is welcome here! I would like to create a safe environment for people with interest in veganism to meet, discuss, experience and just have a good time together. Also, this is a family friendly meetup group.

What could this look like?
- We could meet for vegan potlucks: Where everyone brings a vegan dish that they made or bought and we enjoy a meal together while talking, sitting out in the sun or watching a movie together and exchange some recipe ideas.
- We could have discussion/support meetups: Where we talk about different topics, offer tips and ideas and support to each other.
- We could watch some documentaries together or read books and discuss their content.
- We could go out into nature and do things together: Like cycle, hike, walk or just enjoy a sunny day in the park.
- We could exercise together: For anyone trying to improve their health and fitness, we could exercise together and motivate each other.
- We could visit animal sanctuaries together or even discuss peaceful activism such as attending vigils - although this is not the primary purpose of this group.
- We could go to vegan festivals or events together.
- We could make new friendships and just have a good time with like-minded people.

The idea is for everyone in the group to build this group together, to decide on activities together and have a good time together. The above are just some ideas, that I'm throwing out there :)

This is intended to be a positive, supportive and peaceful meetup group. While debate and discussion are healthy and necessary, any hate, bullying, calling names, etc. are not welcome here and members who resort to such will be removed.

Peace :)

Upcoming events (1)

Launch Hangout - Let's get this started :)

Needs a location

For our first Hangout let's meet up somewhere, get to know each other and talk about what kind of Meetups everyone would like to see happening, also as times & frequency that suit everyone. Location: in Balbriggan, exact location to be confirmed (feel free to put suggestions below)

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