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This group is for anyone seeking new friends around the Ballston and Clarendon neighborhoods! If you live or work in the Arlington area, are fluent in sarcasm, and enjoy good company as well as good food & drinks after a long day, then this group is for you. Come out and meet the neighbors!

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[POSTPONED DUE TO RAIN, NO EVENT ON 10/16] : Clarendon Outing Followed by Dance

Our notorious expedition and curiosity for new venues in the area will take us to Clarendon Pop-up Bar, this time around. It is a busy nightclub where patrons dance in the cavernous art deco-style ballroom and a rotating themed club.

We mingle and socialize for the first few hours and dance the night away with the night crowd.

After first formal session, we will rotate attendees. So that everyone meets everyone. You would get to meet your future friends/acquaintances/buddies/pals /partner-in-crimes or may be more:) To hang out/go out or do things together. Also, this is an ideal event if you are new in town or not!

We booked the main floor for this event and they open early just for us.

We will have specials, including our usual suspect MERtini:)

Dress code : Dress to impress

Event is free and 21+

- Come one, come all; YOU COULD FLY SOLO TOO:) This is the most friendliest event you have ever attended!

- Feel free to invite your friends. They don't necessarily have to be a member

- Ideal for either you are new in town or not, to make friends and acquaintances

- RSVP on Meetup is required. That is how we check you in. However, no need to sign up on Eventbrite or any other social media platform or ticket link.


It is one short block from Clarendon metro station.

Parking might be a challenge and the event involves drinking, we highly recommend you to get a shared ride or taxi service. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

[POSTPONED, NO EVENT ON 8/13] : Friday Happy Hour

Alo Vietnam Restaurant & Bar

TGIF! Come mingle with us.

We will have specials including our notorious Mer-Tini:)


Free parking. However, the event involves drinking and we highly recommend a shared ride or taxi service. DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

Calling for event ideas
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hi everyone! The primary motivation for Jess, Joe, and me to step up as organizers was that we really appreciated that this was a fun group and we had active participation from the members (though maybe not all 1500+).

We want to hear from you! What activities have we done do date that you liked? What did you dislike? What ideas do you have for future events? Let us know!

Thanks for making this a great group!!

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Herndon Outing

Alo Vietnam Restaurant & Bar

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