• Let's Go to the Movies

    Regal Cinemas Hunt Valley 12

    True story based on the life of Tolkien, English author who wrote the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Here's the trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ1vn85iQRE Meet inside at 7:25 promptly so we can get tix and get a good seat. You never know on a friday.

  • Paint Your Own Whatever.....

    39 W Aylesbury Rd

    We'll be going to Hot Pots Pottery (www.hotpots.net) to paint either pottery or glass - our individual choice. Since they won't make a reservation, per se, w/out a deposit, we'll be going on a first-come, first-serve basis, thus the 10:00 (opening) time and why I'm cutting this off at 8, unfortunately, for the "formal" group. Price is cost of the piece you select to paint, + 1/2 again for studio fee. Whatever we do, they'll glaze and we pick up another time. Hopefully after we can all go to lunch!

  • Let's Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

    Mezcal Mexican Restaurant & Bar

    Good food, fun atmosphere, reasonable prices. What more can you ask? Let's have some fun. Leave the baggage at home. If you sign up & then change your mind, please have the courtesy to change your rsvp instead of being a no show. I only allow one no show or you will be banned from my meetups. Bring your sombrero and your smile. Reservation under Pattie.

  • Debbi Jacklin's Improv debut

    The BIG Theater

    I am making my improv debut on Monday April 1, 2019 and would love to have anyone who would like to come to see me make everyone laugh. There is a parking garage across the street from the theater and if you tell the attendant you're going to the theater it only costs $3. For those of you with physical challenges, the theater is completely wheelchair accessible.

  • Glass Blowing at McFadden Art Glass

    McFadden Art Glass

    There seems to be enough interest in glass blowing to have some fun so I've booked us at McFadden's at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday March 27. McFadden glass artists are, to my mind, the best in the region. Their stuff is just beautiful and, having taken a class there before, I promise they are patient and kind and will work with us so we can each produce a lovely piece. There is a cost, based on what you select to make, but keep in mind you'll be making a priceless treasure to enjoy in your home. :) On the website you'll find options from a $25 marble or icicle to a $65 vase....the choice is yours and you don't have to make up your mind until you get there. McFadden's website is www.mcfaddenartglass.com so take a look and let me know. (and whoever is able, perhaps we could grab lunch after). MPD

  • Monthly Lunch

    Gertrude's at the BMA

    Ladies, I'm holding a table for 15 of us; however, there's a cog in the wheel....they will not allow separate checks. I suspect we'll run into this many times ahead, especially in the more popular places so, although I told the guy to hold on to the reservation, I will look around for alternatives since I know some of you are more comfortable having your own check. I hope you'll weigh in on this and, by all means, if you want to book us for another place, please do so...just let me know and I'll make the change on this site. Great time today...thanks to all! MPD

  • Celebrate St. Patty's Day

    17417 York Rd

    Like good music and good food? How about lunch at Casa Mia's ? The Fugitives play a good selection, the food is good, and prices reasonable. Show starts at 3 pm so if we dine earlier, we can chat. Here's their website. https://www.originalcasamias.com/. Will reserve a table for ten.

  • Lunch with New Friends

    Ikaros Restaurant

    Hopefully, together we can figure out how this group will work so all its members are offered choices that suit their interests, location & lifestyle.