Dramatic Dance Workshops and Shows! Dive in, Dance, or Watch and Be Enthralled!

Three teachers: Antonia (, teaching and performing for 39 years now, known for her dramatic dance style and breathtaking floorwork! Nina Amaya (, larger than life performer extraordinaire, known for her ability to draw the audience into the dance story, and Amy Fae (, co-director of Troupe Aubergine ( and half of that most engaging duet, Baba Ganoush (!

Two and a half workshops and one and a half shows! Bring something extraordinary into your performance by making it more charismatic and dramatic. You can take part of the weekend's offerings, or all of it. To apply for the SATURDAY NIGHT SHOW- go here:

You can also register there, with more options!

On Saturday, 12-2pm, start with the second of Nina and Amy's Theatrical Dance workshops. All new material for those who took the first one, and accessible also to those who did not. Through theater and dance games we will stretch and grow our ability to think up and present a story in dance, to engage our audience in the adventure. For any level of dancer. Any performance is more compelling when you have something to say. It's not the moves, it's how you present them. Stories are made up of moments. This workshop will offer a chance to craft a story and get feedback on your presentation. 2 hours long.

YOU may perform your piece Saturday night at the Crazy Russian!

Then move on, once you are warmed up in body and spirit, to Antonia's Theatrical Floorwork class, never before presented anywhere. Knee pads are highly recommended.

Saturday 2-3:30: Antonia will teach each individual floorwork move. You will then put the moves together and work on adding theatrics and dramatic presentation to the piece. The story is about Ligeia - one of the most famous sirens in Greek Mythology. The sailors arrive on the island and discovery a cave where the sirens abide. Ligeia makes her move on an unsuspecting sailor and dances her dance of temptation to lure the sailor into her abode and ultimately to his death. 2-3:30pm

On Saturday night there will be a Theatrical Dance Show at the Crazy Russian 8209 PULASKI HWY. ROSEDALE MD 21237- and priority in performance slots will be given to those who take the workshops!


Sunday 2:30-3:30: Participants will perform the theatrical floorwork piece (for ourselves and whoever else that would like to see the finalized piece) at A Step Ahead Dance Center, 3615 E Joppa Rd Parkville, MD 21234 on Sunday, Sept. 8th - a much larger space with stage lighting. 3pm
Sunday's workshop will entail working on our choreography and making the theatrical piece come alive with dramatic skills, emotion, charisma, and stage presence. The story is about Legeia - one of the most famous sirens in Greek mythology.

Any one workshop, $30 by August 27, $35 after that. Performance at Sunday's show is part of the workshop. Pre-registration for any workshop will be given priority in Saturday night's show. Preregistration for all three workshops/shows $75 by August 27th, $90 afterwards.