Join us for an afternoon of live Middle Eastern music, dance, and tasty treats at the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt, Maryland. Laying down the tunes will be Kylie Hilali, Ken Wright, Bryan Bowman, and Mark Cheater, plus guest musicians and singers, playing extraordinarily exotic instruments such as qanun, oud and darbuka.

Every month will feature different dancers performing to all live music. Contact Latifa -- latifa (at) bintbeled (dot) com -- if you are interested in performing. January's performers will be Amy Fae, Alimah Azim Halima, and headliner Shahrzad. There may also be a cameo appearance by Chef Karim, balancing a (full!) wine bottle on his head and doing floorwork!

Dancers - bring your shimmy! The second half of the show will feature live music for your dancing pleasure!

Suggested donation $10. Your contributions to the tip jar will help our local, dancer-friendly musicians feel appreciated and will also pay our headliner! Also, please order something delicous from the cafe and tip your waitstaff generously to ensure our ongoing welcome at this new venue. (f you're short on cash and would like to use a credit card, see Latifa during intermission. She can swipe your card with her trusty iPhone Square.)

The New Deal Cafe offers luscious Lebanese food and desserts, captivating live entertainment, and an intimate community atmosphere. Exhibitions by local artists, and a decent cup of coffee.

New Deal Cafe
113 Centerway
Roosevelt Center
Greenbelt, MD 20770
(301) 474-5642