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Belly Dance Technique and Performance Skills with Samira


Technique and Performance Skills-
This two hour class is a multi level class geared towards belly dancers with some class experience that want to brush up on and drill all the basics (and some “not so basic”). We will work on the foundations of belly dance; posture, arms and hands, steps, spins and turns, shimmies traveling and isolations. Bring your sagat or zills! We will also further develop your dance vocabulary and technique while refining your lines, movements, transitions, musicality, expression and understanding of this beautiful art. Different parts of a dance show will be explored and props will also be covered over different sessions. Class format will include warm-up and conditioning, arms, sagat drill, stationary drills, across the floor, improvisation follow and cool down. We incorporate video critiques and movie classes each session. This multi-level class is ideal for people who want to learn in-depth, learn how to really shine at haflas and shows and for professional level dancers. This is a class for those who love the art!
Technique and Performance Skills Belly Dance is not for novice dancers. Instructor permission required.
Our fall session will be focusing on Egyptian intros and preparation for a group student piece in a December show!
What does this mean? Intros include traveling, taqsim, and numerous rhythm changes and folklore knowledge! We will learn both basics and advanced for all including some combinations. There will be a lot of variety in this session and lots of technique.
Critique days are November 28 and December 19.

Drop in $35

Partial session $240

Full session $330

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