Belly Dance Fusion Classes in Pikesville!! $7!!!

Baltimore/DC Belly Dance and Music of the Middle East!
Baltimore/DC Belly Dance and Music of the Middle East!
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Embrace your Femininity and Sensuality and Get Fit with Belly Dance Fusion!

Come join an an upbeat dance class that incorporates the fundamentals of belly dance and throws in a little African, hip hop, dancehall, jazz, modern, improv, so that you can belly dance with a twist!

The class is definitely better suited for those who have had some dance experience as it moves quickly, however, beginners are welcome if you want the challenge :-)

What should I wear/bring?

This belly dance class is essentially an exercise class; you should wear something comfortable that allows you to move, and lets me see your movements, easily. I suggest bringing a yoga mat for floor exercises, but if you don't have one..don't worry we'll improvise!

What are classes like?
Classes are taught to beginner's level, with variations for more advanced students. All movements and combinations are broken down to their basic components and explained. The first half of class focuses on technique, simple drills, layering drills and isolations to prepare the body for the specific movements that are part of the choreography work on in the end. The end of class is where we work on a choreographed piece. Expect to dance the entire time, work up a good sweat, get a good workout, and learn a little something new almost every class.

Will this class help me tone up?
It sure will! Part of what we work on during the first half of class is component devoted solely to our abs, legs, booties, backs and arms so be prepared to work it out ladies!!

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