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This group is designed for women over 55 and want to have fun and create meaningful friendships. Studies reveal having real friendships are beneficial and critical to our health and well being and can help improve our overall health and well-being.

For whatever reason have looked around and realized you don't have any girlfriends or you need to meet some new friends.This group is intended to be a supportive and uplifting environment. Women who want to try new things, share their own interests and passions, and build new friendships. We want to build each other up!

Some ideas--girls night out, happy hour, pot lucks, cheap eats, easy hikes, brunch, coffee/tea, weekend and extended travel, and any idea you might have! Most of the activities will be in the Baltimore-Annapolis areas.

I ask for the benefit of all to avoid the political discussion because Republicans and Democrats have become like a couple with marriage problems; they've become enemies. Remember if you are putting down and attacking a certain politician you are also attacking another persons belief system.

• Please only join if you intend to show up.

• I pay meetup $14.99 per month to organize a meet up. I have a 90 day free trial membership to everyone so they get a chance to meet all of us and see if we are a good fit for you. Membership fee will be $10 per year just to cover my costs. Pay Pal takes a percentage of it. I'm not organizing a group to make money I'm just charging the fee so it doesn't cost me any money. Please if you are going through a financial hardship and can't afford the fee, reach out to me and I will cover it for you.

• In life we never lose friends, we only learn who the TRUE ones are.

• The person who dances with you in the rain will most likely walk with you in the storm.

~FRIENDS~ they make you laugh a little louder smile a little brighter than before.


Politics and religion divide and separate us from one another; as such, neither topic has a place in a public social setting, where social agreement discussions occur.

The problem is it is very difficult for two people with differing objective views of subjective issues to communicate. This often leads to tension, and rather than debate (which would be somewhat controlled and have some ground rules), it leads to argument.

Many people understand this and that is why we (at least in American culture) have come to the conclusion that in our modern society it is impolite, or rude, to discuss these topics until you have established that you are amongst like minded individuals or that the setting is meant to discuss these things.

Dining or going out with a group of people is expected to be nice, funny easily floating conversation without deep thoughts, opinions or harsh exchange of biased sides. Religion and politics are hot potatoes and seen to be quite intimate thing to share, certainly not with the strangers you usually meet at the dinner party. Hosts try to avoid of any clashes and it is fiery opinion exchange about different political parties for example but we have some troublemakers who will always try to skip the manners.

It's just ill-advised because it tends to provoke visceral reactions from people that can then dominate what would otherwise be a pleasant, fun, lighter conversation.

I think some people tend to crave intellectual discussions and bring up politics or religious skepticism as a way to satisfy that craving, but I think in general, most people's preferences for conversation topics lie elsewhere.

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