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Check out for GCOM's Gamesdays. There is a $10 admission charge (kids cheaper - check the website), and the venue is open from 9 to 6 on Sunday. Please consider preregistering via the website.

"Amid the gales and snowy Earthspur Mountains, the tumbling ruins of the ancient Tempest Mage’s tower brood over the village of Windy Valley. When a kidnapper flees into the ruins, it’sup to a group of adventurers to apprehend the rogue and save his victim from the vault below."

This is a Tier One (levels 1-4) adventure from the Con-Created Content program, in this case produced by Cold Iron Conventions and written by Greg Marks. (It's listed as part one of a trilogy, but the 2nd & 3rd parts are Tier Two, so it's more of a theme trilogy than a sequential trilogy). It's a fun little dungeon crawl with plenty of action.

I'll be rolling in to Gamesdays ready for this session and other Tier One action in hopes of dragging in new players. I'll pace to finish on time so if we have enough players we can take a food break and then run a second session of something-else-Tier-One (suggestions welcome).