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"Hey, Siri. Directions to..."
"Hey, Siri. Directions to..." Come hear more about using the principles of a Global Positioning System (GPS) to guide the direction of your organization. The fundamentals of developing a strategic organization versus just a strategic plan. Candace Chance of VPI Firm will share her expertise. Candace is the CEO of The VPI Firm (Vision. Performance. Impact). VPI supports social enterprises in scaling their impact by aligning their strategy and process in support of their vision and the communities they serve. The VPI’s super power is deep listening; translating the information gathered into organizational insights and data-driven actions. Candace has learned a lot about how to listen well, being rooted in her love for her community, God-assigned purpose, and vision for empowered and self-sustainable communities. She has traveled extensively, including spending 7 months in Queensland, Australia, and making her 2nd home in Nairobi, Kenya after visiting 4 times for a month each time. She was born and raised in West Baltimore City, where she currently (and intentionally) lives. She matriculated from Goucher College with a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Master’s in Cultural Sustainability; exploring the intersections of local leadership, social ecosystems, and entrepreneurship. This has set her on quite an unconventional path, uncovering and experimenting with strategies to create systems that will serve her community, and those that resemble her community. Candace has spoken in front of various audiences with over 200 attendees, speaking on topics of faith & activism, the power of associations, leading with purpose, just to name a few; and has shared the stage with some of the top thought leaders in leadership and personal development. Candace currently is the Board Chair of BCIITY (Baltimore City Intergenerational Initiative for Trauma & Youth), a community-managed, multi-million dollar federal grant. They have allocated about $824,800 to 24 community based organizations, 14 of which are hyper-localized organizations and enterprises that are traditionally locked out of funding. B-CIITY hopes that their work will create a model for federal funding that entrusts communities with the accountability and insight into funding their community based on their lived experiences and their goals for their community. LinkedIn: ​ Facebook: ​

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